You’re Exaktly Right It’s Linn

Posted on 23rd June, 2016

You’re Exaktly Right It’s Linn

Linn make much more than the LP12 turntable, don’tcha know…?

After decades of loudspeaker and electronic component manufacturing with breakthroughs in digital audio technology by the score, Linn is still famous for its turntables and tonearms.

We’re here to tell you what discerning music lovers have also known for years. Linn have made gigantic strides in developing ways and means to preserve the integrity of the original studio recording, all the way from the source component onwards to the speakers and finally hence to our delicate ears.

That’s why Linn calls its Flagship speakers and system the Klimax Exakt 350 speakers and Klimax Exakt DSM.

While Linn’s spelling is a bane to reviewers all over the world there’s method to the choice of monikers. Linn watchers will tell you Linn have made a logo of model names that include a ‘k’. With the exception of the Sarah speakers you can tell a Linn model by the wacky spelling and the inclusion of the letter ‘K’.

Whatever Linn’s penchant for model designation, the company says the purest of signals is sent to the 350 speakers by the brand’s reference Klimax Exakt DSM. The latter is made from a solid billet of aluminum. And it also says this clamshell design protects the delicate, low level signal offering the best possible mechanical and electrical isolation for the boards inside.

Michael DiMeglio, National Sales Manager for Linn's Australian Distributor, Advance Audio told StereoNET:

By keeping the music digital until the last possible stage, Exakt enables a whole host of performance enhancing capabilities and turns the speaker into an intelligent, connected and software-upgradeable product.

This is the most advanced speaker Linn has ever made. It's been designed to produce the highest performance possible and features a beautifully curved, ultra-low resonance cabinet. Combined with a perfectly precise servo-driven bass system, Linn 3K Driver Array and 3,000 watts of onboard amplifiers, it truly is the pinnacle of Linn's capabilities.

Linn have made only ten of its Limited Edition Klimax System in Caledonian Blue. Each of the ten buyers gets a Linn Falachan also machined from a solid billet of aluminum. The Falachan is lined with leather and signed by Linn founder, Ivor Tiefenbrun. You can use the Falachan to store the Linn controller of your choice. And as a VIP owner, you’ll receive an extended ten-year warranty.

The entire Klimax System is finished in Caledonian Blue to showcase the proud and rich Scottish heritage of Linn. This is the first time Linn have anodised the Klimax Exakt in a custom finish, which compliments the unique matte Klimax speakers.

Not only will this system be the last one you will ever want, but it will also make a lasting statement for years to come. Excellence is rarely cheap and you’ll have to find $159,999 to put one of these ten systems in your home. Enjoy.

Linn is distributed in Australia by Advance Audio.

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