SOUND & VISION Festival - Vienna Acoustics

Posted on 15th April, 2015

SOUND & VISION Festival - Vienna Acoustics

What can you expect to see from Vienna Acoustics at the upcoming SOUND & VISION Festival at AudioTrends, Melbourne May 29th - 31st.

With names like Bach, Beethoven & Mozart as model names the expectation is that this European range of loudspeakers will be highly musical.

Being designed and manufactured in Austria leads one to expect a certain degree of sensitivity in the aesthetic design of the cabinets and drivers. That this is also a family (brother and sister) led organisation would also suggest a certain level of care in the creation of each model.

Indeed, all of these expectations are not only met, but well and truly exceeded with a range of speakers that are carefully designed to look and sound wonderful. Come and hear the impressive new Liszt – the first loudspeaker in their new Imperial Series.

Paul Clarke, General Manager, Sales & Marketing for Audio Active, the Australian distributor for Vienna Acoustics, told StereoNET

For more information on the SOUND & VISION Festival, proudly supported by StereoNET, visit

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