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German manufacturer In-Akustik is relatively new to the Australian market but their range of high quality cables and accessories is extensive. Not only that, they also run one of the best record labels I've come across. I'm yet to come across an LP release that has not sounded less than fantastic from within their range.

As you climb the rungs of the audiophile ladder, by nature you can't help but looking for that last little edge. Extracting the last minute detail in music reproduction is what keeps the hobby alive and the passion burning for so many.

One product often overlooked is the relationship between the speaker cables and vibrations. Talk to any high-end speaker cable manufacturer and they'll tell you how vibrations can affect the performance, even if they don't sell a solution.

Delve deeper and you'll discover that purchasing 'cable risers', a little platform that comes in various forms can cost a small fortune, often into the thousands of dollars.

InAkustik Reference Cable Base

Fortunately In-Akustik have released a product that will be available later this month, they call the 'Reference Cable Base'.

High-end and hi-fi systems are a combination of high-precision and intricately made devices. Perfectly attuned to each other, they allow music to be played back in outstanding quality. To ensure that all components can function flawlessly, they need to be kept free of interference to the greatest extent possible, just like high precision measuring equipment does.

The RCB is sold in a pack of 10 and offers both mechanical and capacitive isolation for speaker cables. In other words, it suspends your speaker cable off the floor and away from vibration and interference.

The base of the RCB contains a special-gel creating isolation between the base and the floor.

Along with absorbing the vibrations, the Reference Cable Bases also keep the cables at a distance to the floor. This reduces unwanted capacitances and reduces the effects on the electronics.

While designed specifically for speaker cables with a diameter from 10mm to 25mm, we're told they're also especially effective with highly-sensitive phono cables as well.

In-Akustik say that there Reference Cable Bases will not only reduce interference, but also both structure-borne and airborne noise.

Thanks to the clever rubber strip mounting system, they're also quite universal in how they can used within your system and application depending on the diameter and outer shape of your cable.

Sceptical? Once upon a time the cost to hear the difference for yourself was prohibitive. Our advice is that if your audio system is highly resolving, don't knock the idea until you've tried it.

The In-Akustik Reference Cable Base will be available later this month for $599 RRP (10 Pack). Either place your order order now or ask your local specialist to get a set in with no obligation so you can hear them for yourself.

For more information visit the In-Akustik brand page.

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