Harbeth Sunday Kicks Off at Class A Audio

Posted on 23rd November, 2015

Harbeth Sunday Kicks Off at Class A Audio

A special event to celebrate the legendary brand Harbeth is scheduled for December 6th, at Melbourne's Class A Audio. The event will represent the Australian premiere of Harbeth's latest, long awaited Monitor 40.2 loudspeakers.

In a special carefully designed showroom, the fascinating world of Harbeth’s natural sound is closer than ever. Those attending will be able to hear and test, and even buy the newest and already familiar loudspeakers from the famous
British manufacturer, with P3ESR, Compact 7ES-3, Monitor 30.1, and Super HL5 Plus also ready for audition.

The Monitor 40.2 is the latest addition to the Harbeth family, which redefines they say redefined the term ‘Reference Loudspeaker’.

Australian distributor, Aleksandar Maksimovic of Audio Magic told StereoNET:

Built on the success of the multi award-winning M40.1, this new generation is the biggest leap forward in sonic supremacy since the design’s launch in January 1998. More efficient, more adaptable to a wide range of listening  environment, perfectly balanced as well as more transparent and engaging, the M40.2 takes the Harbeth sound to a new level.

Monitor 40.2 premiered earlier this year Munich's High-end show, and Harbeth Sunday at Class A Audio signifies the official Australian launch.

Event Details:

  • Harbeth Sunday
    6th December, 2015 (10AM - 5PM)
    Class A Audio Unit 8, 585 Blackburn Road, Notting Hill. Victoria.

To confirm your free attendance, please email sales@classaaudio.com.au

For more information, contact Audio Magic, Class A Audio, or visit their Facebook Event Page.

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