Audio Active Celebrates 5 Years

Posted on 21st August, 2014

Audio Active Celebrates 5 Years

The Australian Hi-Fi Industry is enjoying a resurgence in 2014. While some specialist retailers are closing their doors for the last time, more are actually opening for the very first time.

The way in which business is conducted has changed. Consumers are armed with loads more knowledge today thanks to the likes of Google and online publications such as StereoNET. They expect more for their money, and while the internet has created convenient shopping channels, many consumers are once more willing to pay for good service. We've all been in the scenario where as a potential customer you actually know more about the product being demonstrated to you by the young salesperson at your local 'box-mover' chain store. That's not service - sorry Mr. Harvey!

Specialist retailers more often than not love the hi-fi hobby as much as you. They're passionate about good sound and what they do.

I've been fortunate enough this year to attend much of the same product training that specialist outlets receive regularly from their supply partners. Industry wholesalers have invited me along to see first-hand the commitment they make to their dealer network. The decision a specialist retailer makes when choosing their brand partners is critical. It's one thing to design and make a good product, but the company representing the brand locally on the remote island we call home is actually just as important. Technical support, training, marketing support, and after-sales service are just some of the aspects a good wholesaler must be able to provide to their dealer network.

One such wholesaler enjoying great support nationally is Audio Active. Their impressive brand portfolio includes Paradigm, Anthem, Sim2, Luxman, Van Den Hul, Vienna Acoustics, Isotek, Martin Logan, Primare, Vincent Audio and TAC.

In just their fifth year of operation, the decision to start a business in the consumer electronics market, post global financial crisis certainly raised some eyebrows. However the vision of Richard Bouris (Director), son Jeremy (Managing Director), and colleague Paul Clarke (General Manager Sales & Marketing) was strong, and their extensive history and achievements within the audio-visual industry spans nearly forty years.

“Quite simply we felt it was the right thing to do, and we believed we could offer the Hi-Fi industry some points of difference and unparalleled support”. Clarke told StereoNET.

Audio Active are continually evolving their company, selecting the very best brands to offer the Australian marketplace, as well as training and supporting their dealer network which now spans the nation with 114 outlets. Audio Active are without doubt committed to their retail partners, and in turn, the end-users of the brands.

Retailer's must choose their supply partners carefully, and quite often there is good reason for being unable to find or audition the product you might like via retail outlets. Audio Active is a strong supporter of StereoNET, and also supply partner to many of Australia's prominent specialist retailers.

For more information, visit Audio Active.

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