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Connecting Speakers To Tv Directly

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Have a panasonic P50V20A which has been great in all respects put sound drives me mad when kids are using as they keep turning it up so they can hear properly, and I thought us oldies were supposed to be deaf!. Has considering building cheap amp (or finding one in hard waste collection) and connecting up some old but good kenwood small speakers I have to improve quality and direction of sound but thought why not pull the back off and and put a few wires and switch in to power either external or internal speakers. TV says it can supply 10W (rms??) per channel so sounds OK and don't really care about the whole movie home theatre stuff. Anybody ever done this?

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Do not wire external speakers in place of the speakers inside the TV. The reason is that the TV that the mains is directly connected to the printed circuit board. Often the circuit boards are at half the mains voltage with is 115 V. The external connections mains isolated. The TV also contains high voltage power supplies.

If there is a fire near the TV then it is likely that your house insurance will be voided.

So if you wish to make the sound louder use an external amplifier.

I would seriously suggest you take your children to the local doctor and ask for an audiogram to be taken of your children. This may well prevent them from going deaf in later years. If you have to shout to get them to understand you whilst the sound is on it is causing hearing loss!


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