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Naked City

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As a non pay tv viewer the old series popping up on the extra channels has been great.

And they are even willing to show tv so old it's in monochrome!

I remember watching Naked City many years ago but one episode sticks in my mind.

I only saw it once. It was well before video recorders so no chance to keep a copy.

It was called "The King of Venus will take care of you."

Does anyone have a contact at Channel 7 and can find out if or when this episode might be shown?

I would be eternally gratefull.



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That looks to be a late season three episode and my understanding is that those later episodes were an hour in length, and since the earlier thirty minute episodes are currently airing on 7TWO, there isn't really any way to know if they'll make it all the way through. The first thing to look for will obviously be whether they ever make it to the hour-long episodes in the first place and if they do then there could be a strong chance that they'll show the episode that you are looking for at some stage.

They are also only in the middle of airing season one and as such it looks like it'll be quite a long time before they reach that season three episode that you are looking for (especially since they are airing episodes once a week or less).

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