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Australia Open On 7two

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Yeap live here in Adelaide last night as well what happened was when the 6.00pm news came on they switched to 7two and then it went back to the main channel 7 at 7.00pm LIVE. Next week when home and Away returns the tennis will be on 7two From 6.00pm till 7.30pm Adfelaide time all live on 7two then they will continue LIVE coverage at 7.30pm on Main Channel 7

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G'day Slattery,

Good point, They dont use 7mate, but it's 7Two....why?

Well, what happens when AFL is Live in N.S.W, Qld and A.C.T. while Wimbledon is on?

7Two would be a wise move, to keep things uniform, instead of people saying "But they had the Australian Open in HD, why not Wimbledon"

I agree that it should be shown in HD though, like every other thread on here, I havent touched "73" on my TV Tuner yet, and probably won't until they play some HD sport

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