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Multi Storey Unit Complex Issues

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Not sure if this is the right forum, if not please move.

I live in a multi unit complex in Wolli Creek, NSW and the building is about 6 years old.

A couple weeks ago we had severe storms and had a power blackout for about 2 hours and ever since then the TV signal seems not to be as strong as before.

Residents are complaining about drop in quality, in my case I have a strong 5440 HD set top box and a old CRT TV, ever since then the signal has been on and off, picture break ups /freezes etc makes it very difficult to watch anything at times.

For example previously through this box the signal strength showed about 96-98 %. Since these storms and power failure I get no more than 90-91% strength, which seems to work fine, but at certain times and days the issue above comes back.

For example last night ABC 24 was so virtually could not watch it- sometimes getting No signal/sound error box pop up, this morning getting 91-92% strength and seems OK. The problem seems to be more pronounced on the new Digital Channels.

Strata wants to get someone to check the system, but being in the Executive Committee myself I do not want them to send anybody as most of their contacts are 'doggy' and we already got a few who will never carry out any further work for us.

I've read the posts about Mr Antenna and the likes , so please recommend someone who carries out this sort of work in this type of building, so our distribution system can be checked.

Thank you. :)

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