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For Sale - Bottle Head "crack" Amp, Dt 880's, Grave Science Cables, Isolation Etc Etc.

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I've got for sale a mint pair of 2905's in the Classique finish ( new around$15000) complete with custom Townsend Stella Stands (an extra $1500). Also have some optional Townsend Super tweeters ($1000 worth).

Asking $8200 for the 2905's with the Stella stands (and they do make a substantial difference). Add another $600 if you want the TST (and they also add something that is hard to explain: just more of everything). SOLD

They are about 9 months old, in perfect operational and cosmetic condition. I've been shifted out of my listening room into a spare bedroom - and these need room. Have sold my source and amp so if you want to have a listen you need to bring your own. They are in the now dining room covered in plastic at the moment.

I've also got the following:

1. Bottlehead Crack + Speed amplifier - one channel is faulty: arrived that way from Bottlehead (they assembled) - might be as simple as a faulty rca connection /solder join. Soldering not my thing. Selling as is: $250.

2. Beyer Dynamic DT 880 600 Ohm headphones (mint): perfect for the Crack amp: $330.

3. Auraliti PK100 Music Server: Linux based MPD player - $500: please don't buy this unless you know about networking, Linux and MPD: it's dead simple to set up especially if you use Apple (it uses Bonjour) but I'm not too keen on being IT support. Great digital music server and the analogue out is surprisingly good. US plug.

4. Cables: I've got various Grave Science Cables (and if you don't know about Peter Graves and his cables you soon will: as good or better than Kimber XTC in my system) -

1 pair 1.5m Balanced IC; pair 1m Balanced IC - truly excellent IC's: $180 each. Absolute bargain at this price. Brand New - not run in.

1 x 2.5 m pair Speaker cables - $250 and a 1 x 3m pair -$290 - again superb cables that REALLY punch well above their weight. Brand new not run in.

1 x Grave Science Digital IC - brand new not run in but easily as good as my Black Cat Veloce: $150: Promises much.

1 x Black Cat Veloce Digital IC - $150.

5. Various vibration control tweaks: Brightstar platforms (2 large sandboxes in reality - excellent for a turntable I used as amp stands) + Brightstar Big Rocks (CD Player/Dac weights - 10 kg each) + 1 set of 3 Aurios - $400 the lot (replacement well in excess of $1200).

Have various other bits and bobs - let me know if you need something - I may well have it lying around: eg for some strange reason I have alot NOS 12AX7's sitting here.

All items at Blaxland NSW 2774 - pick up or postage is cool. Except for the 2905's: I have the original packaging and will ship but it's going to be a 'mare of a job: they are BIG shipping crates. I'd really prefer local pick up.

The Quads partner esp well with Bryston - I'd recommend the 3 or 4 SSB. They like some heft.



Low ballers will be cheerfully ignored :)

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Cables all gone or no longer available: incidentally if you want some terrific performers for not much coin try the Graves. Just superb and all hand made.

No nibbles on the isolation platforms etc?

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