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Remote Control Your Samsung Tv Over Lan

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Before reading this post note that this requires:

A Samsung TV 2009 and above the B, C and latest D series that supports LAN.

An Iphone.

A router of course and the TV must be connected to it.


Ok there is an upcoming Application called: "Tifi Remote" other then the default app on Appstore for Remotely control your samsung TV.

I have tested this yesterday on my Iphone on a B-series samsung TV equipped with a small hacked application that will turn the Samung B series tv to support remote codes over LAN. You can find it Here

and Instructions Here

The newest samsung tvs which are the C and the D series doesn't need this hack/tweak it comes equipped by design and thats why the official samsung remote tv app on AppStore only supports C and D series TVs.

So I tried this beta app and wanted to share.

Here is the screenshot of this beta application developed by Martijn from :

For Screenshots check this link on the forum:


Looks great!! you should know the feeling the moment you start using it :)

The differences between the Official Samsung App found at Appstore and this one is that It would work for B series samsung tvs which introduced in 2009. You can check your samsung tv model tag behind the screen.

and of course for the C and D series (already mentioned above)

The second difference is the Smart Code section introduced:

***The smartcode section is "SMART" you define the channel that you want and it will take you to it.

For example: CNN is on 67 of my TV, I assigned it to channel 1 in the Smart Code section along with its logo. So pressing the LOGO is enough to take me to channel 67 on my TV!! Killer isn't it!!!

- First on start-up the Auto detection of the IP is initialized and its set. It searches for IP via UPNP or without or manual you can choose one of these options if it fails automatically.

Once connected you can control the whole TV.

The settings contains Remote control layout, and its functions and layout depends on the Remote model :) So choosing different layout would imply different remote settings. Also you can customize the Sources names the names you want for example: HDMI1 = PS3 , HDMI2 = Satellite...etc..

Overall performance is fast and it takes you to the channel that you want and its practical.

I didn't mention @Internet section! which you can browse and search YouTube video at ease.

We're waiting for its Final release in the AppStore should be soon.

**** For anyone who wants to beta test it, kindly contact Mr Matijn via Email


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