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50,000th Digital Set Top Box Installation Under The Household Assistance Scheme In Rockhampton

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Oh dear. This can't be right. We all know that government press releases simply can not be relied upon as a source of information. Who do we have to thank for this little gem? Why no one other than alanh!

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When I made enquiries re assistance for my VAST decoder I read the fine print and it turns out you have to be eligible for a FULL pension, not even a part-pension in order to get peanuts from the gov. If it is a full sat dish + encoder installation you will still have to pay the installer $250.

As usual with the spin from Senator Conjob or any advertised gov assistance scheme, read the fine print first.

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As I have stated from the posts in the "Get the best reception - Southern WA"

1. the subsidy has only ever been available for full pensioners. This is also the case for terrestrial TV which also includes antenna installations. The antenna installation is the bit missed out, when some retailers complain that they can do it cheaper, they just want to sell a box. So in some cases they can just install a STB in an existing installation, thats easy money. However if you were on a full pension they would have to drive to your place and either install a satellite receiver or install a TV antenna which works.

2. the subsidy is only available for purchases 6 months prior to switchoff which in your case is in the middle of next year.

I tried to warn you of this this 12 months ago, and I was concerned about the of selling boxes under false pretenses. If you have already bought your VAST box you have the ability to watch all TV networks now.

19 February 2011

"Alanh and Kendenupian,

Thanks for that. My old analogue antenna and masthead amplifier was pointing at Walpole/Denmark?? and GWN came in rather well and ABC sometimes in black and white. Like my neighbours I gave up and set up a sat dish. FM radio was achieved via FM/TV splitter box.

VAST will not come in, or so I believe, until the end of 2013 in our area. Have a Strong SRT 4653x sat decoder, which has "coaxial S/PDIF digital audio output". My micro stereo system has an MP3 input via a stereo plug or USB, is this of any use?

As both of you seem to have a black belt in electrickery, you may be able to answer this question: If my stereo is no good for connection, what is the cheapest way to connect to this sat decoder and get digital radio via sat?

I want to get rid of my old huge vertical polarization antenna + masthead amp; have left it on the roof so my wife can listen to ABC Classic FM. Although it touches the metal roof with its rods, the thing still works for FM.


Now that all the digital commercial stations will be added to Mt Barker, with the existing ABC digital

I recall that you are at Tingledale.

Now that the digital commercials are joining SSW (GWN) channel 9 analog you should reconsider replacing your current antenna with Hills DY14 This antenna should be pointed at a bearing of 63 degrees ie to the North East.

This antenna will give you the programs for the Great Southern including advertising. This antenna will not receive SBS at the moment, but it will move into the range of this antenna probably in 2014. This antenna is not designed to receive FM.

You will probably also need to add a masthead amplifier with the antenna connected to the left input and the link in the A position. The UHF gain turned to minimum.

For FM radio you need a separate antenna with 10 dB gain. It needs to be mounted 1 m below the bottom edge of the DY14 and well over a few metres above the roof.


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Thanks for all that. Was set up with Aurora and did not bother with an antenna. Now I am the "proud" owner of a VAST PVR box ($320). With VAST I have lost Al Jazeera.

Good points with VAST UEC PVR box: Did not have to adjust the scew on the LNB. Get 1080i on the Sanyo LCD-32XR10F but some Sanyo/Samsung TVs have HDMI problems.

Bad points apart from the price: Max. 1 TB HD with external power supply. A 2 TB disk costs nearly the same but will only record 1 TB. Format is not NTFS but proprietary. Been told that the disk will keep on spinning even while in stand-by mode, but a firmware upgrade is in the wings.

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