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Analog Switchoff And The Digital Dividend

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All New Zealand digital transmitters are in the range 518 – 806 MHz.

They are expecting to complete their analog switchoff at the same time as us , the end of 2013. Already 70% of viewers are already watching digital.

Both NZ and Australia will restack their channel allocations to produce a digital dividend for frequencies above 694 MHz. The new use for 694 – 820 MHz will be mobile phones/Wifi

Please reduce the bandwidth of your wideband amplifiers to 174 – 230, 518 – 820 MHz for now and after 2013, 174 – 230, 518 – 694 MHz.

A masthead amplifier for radio should be considered for 47 – 88 DRM+, 88 – 108 for FM, and 174 – 230 MHz DAB+. DRM+ if selected next year by DBCDE will be used in regional areas and DAB+ is used in large population areas.

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Perhaps copy/paste of a post from another thread isn't the best way to start another thread, especially when the text copied contains references / advice to posts that make no sense at all when taken out of context as they would be in such a new thread.

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