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Tassie Devil

Opera: An Excellent Traditional Version Of Mozart's "marriage Of Figaro"

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Disc Title: The Marriage of Figaro

Disc catalog: Opus Arte OA BD 7033D Recording Date: 2006 Program Length: 202 mins on 2 discs Royal Opera House live production

Video rating: 5/5 Audio type: PCM 2.0, PCM 5.0 Audio rating: 5/5

Overall rating: 5/5

Summary comment: Superb traditional production of this Mozart masterpiece

Author: Tassie Devil Date: April 24 2010

Detailed Comment: Nearly all operas have very silly stories but like movies, they can get away with it if acting etc is first class. Well, IMHO The Royal Opera House production of Mozart's "Marriage of Figaro" on Blu Ray has it all:

* excellent traditional & appropriate costuming and sets

* a strong cast of singers with not a weak one among them

* first class acting as well as singing

* well lit and photographed -> BD quality up to the highest standards

* beautiful orchestral playing

* audio up to the best standards available

OK, I'm entranced. To me the opera could not be better performed or recorded. It knocks the other "modernised" quirky DGG version out of the ring. When you experience the opera performed so well with traditional costuming and sets one is at a loss to understand the mentality of producers and directors who want to meddle with what is already a successful formula.

Yes the whole plot is a farce, but it is great music and done with so much aplomb and comedy, it is utterly engrossing. If you like Mozart and his opera, this is a MUST for your collection.

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