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No Indian Premier League Cricket This Year On Darwin Fta

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Despite seeing the 20 overs Indian cricket competition, Indian Premier League (IPL) on Ten in 2008, Darwin has missed out on seeing the cricket from India last year and I am afraid that will be the case this year again. :(

I understand that ONE HD (not Channel TEN main channel) has rights to the IPL this year as is the case last year on FTA.

Again, I don't know when Darwin will be able to see IPL again on FTA because I don't know when ONE HD is coming to Darwin and I don't know if ONE HD will be here in time for the commonwealth games.

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If you're keen to see the IPL, you can watch it on YouTube live:

Thanks, it's better than nothing.

On the subject of One HD, I have seen One HD once (in regional Queensland over xmas - i have some realitives there), and while the majority of sports are American, the sports channel can be useful to watch swimming competitions, AFL, cricket and even Commonwealth games 2010 (which Ten and One HD has rights to), so it (one hd) can be useful to watch sometimes.

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