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Pana TX-26LX500A

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Hi folks,

I picked up a Panasonic TX-26LX500A LCD TV today and thought some of you may be interested in hearing a bit about one of these puppies. I was torn about which forum to post in; this or reviews but felt that this would be the best place. Anyway....

Easy to setup. Have done the basic adjustments using the THX test patterns from the Revenge of the Sith DVD.

I've got it hooked up using component to a Toshiba SR-1 DVD recorder at the moment. My Toppy is hooked into the Toshiba and it's through this that I can watch SD tele.

Comments and observations so far:

Contrast very good. You get a pretty damn close to black with this thing. It doesn't quite handle really subtle shades of very, very dark grey to black though so you'll still be looking at a Plasma or CRT if you're really, really, really anal about such things.

On the THX drop shadow test for brightness I saw that the last couple of shades of black basically blended into one another at what I thought was a sensible brightness level. My 100hz Grundig (from the era when they were still making kick arse sets) handles this test easily but the pana gets pretty close so it's no biggie. For me, having progressive scan reveal finer details makes up for the tiny bit of detail you may lose in very dark scenes.

Brightness. Fine, you can burn out your eye balls if you want to!

Colour: Is fine. Using a blue filter I was able to match the shades pretty well when making colour adjustments.

Sharpness and resolution. Very good indeed.

Motion. Not a problem at all. I've been watching both the Tennis and Cricket today and there's definately no smearing on fast moving objects.

I watched short sections of the R1 Serenity and R4 Gladiator Superbit DVDS and oh yeah baby they looked really good. Amazing amount of detail!! Imagine what it's going to look like when fed via its HDMI interface on an up-converting DVD player or HD STB!

As for SD digital TV it looks good. There are artefacts but many of them are coming from the networks them selves. I watched the Cricket on my CRT (from a SD STB) and could see digital artefacts on it as well. I'm sure that current shows like CSI etc will look good on the LCD.

In summary, if you are in the market for a 66 cm LCD then you should definately audition this. I think it easily hold its own against the Sony (they are the devil) Bravias and Sharp Aquos models at this size but of course you should always go and look at them and make up your own mind about which you prefer.

Well, enough of my ramblings, I'm off to watch a DVD!


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