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Read This First! - Localised Transmission Coverage

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AlanH offers the following advice:

Digital TV is usually perfect, intermittent or non existent. It does not gradually become worse as analog does.

So prior to using a Set Top Box, Digital TV tuner card new DTV set, please ensure the antenna signal you are using is adequate.

Pay TV contact your provider and ignore the following;

Antenna requirements are different in different parts of cities and in areas in the country.

1. Go to the Geographic Viewers’ Forum, which is near the bottom of the main forum’s home page.

2. Select your region.

3. Read the pinned post “Get the Best Reception”, which is at the top of the strand.

Please post any further correspondence in this strand for all in your region to see. You could also search your location in that strand for others in your area.

Apartment Dwellers

Most Master TV Antenna systems will not distribute all DTV signals. Some will distribute none at all. Apartment and Townhouse Dwellers Some installations have taken the easy way out and have used a STB for each analog channel and then distributed their analog outputs to the users. This prevents you getting higher definition, wide screen, Electronic Program Guides etc.

Indoor Antennas

The much preferred option is to use the links to the correct band outside antennas. If however this is not possible then there is a link to Indoor Antennas, including their adjustment. This changes depending on your location.

Laptop owners

The antenna supplied is usually totally inadequate, so on you first test please check out the antenna requirements and use an external antenna.

Digital Tuner card installers

Prior to testing the new installation, please plug in a known good receiver into the antenna socket you intend to use. Now plug the antenna into the card and start installation.

If you do it this way, much time, frustration and posting will be avoided. If the antenna signal is inadequate, the card cannot find stations and will not work.

Once the driver software is installed please ensure there is an adequate DTV signal prior to testing, this will save an immense amount of time and frustration for you and those who answer the posts.

If the signal strength or quality is poor the installation scan will not work and people start asking technical details, when the antenna signal will have to be improved anyway.

If after reading the links and the above you still have problems, then certainly post in the appropriate Geographic Forum. All forums are regularly scanned.

Good viewing.

Thanks AlanH for you continual involvement with the DTV Forum.

Tim O'Keefe

DTV Forum Team

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