Prime7 Canberra has HD on channel 60

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3 hours ago, alanh said:


My post is relevant because the translator I was viewing was in the Canberra hinterland must have an identical program to Canberra. CWulf is suggesting I saw a special program which was not available to all of those in the Southern Tablelands including Canberra. If CWulf was watching when I was he would have seen it too.



That may be so but I reiterate how is this part of your post

3 hours ago, alanh said:

provided it doesn't radiate outside its channel allocation.

By definition a translator consists of an off air receiver which has an intermediate frequency output at around 36 MHz, This signal  is fed into an upconverter to the output frequency, amplified to the required power and radiated. There is no alterations to the signal at all except the carrier frequency.

relevant to either what CWulf said or the thread?

Technical specs of the IF or other internal workings of a translator have no bearing whatsoever on what is being discussed.

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The ACMA requires translators to transmit an identical signal on a different channel to the parent transmitter which in this case is the Canberra transnitter on Black Mountain.

SThe point is that translators do not change the content which is why I stated what happened in a translator to prove this.


So I saw Prime7 news from a translator repeating the Canberra main signal then CWulf would have seen it too if he was watching at the same time and on the same logical channel  60 in Canberra or any ot the other Canberra translators. If  he didn't do this at the same time then he cannot comment.





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