Foxtel technician killed my cable internet!

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We live in a block of townhouses that are serviced by telstra cable and we were fortunate enough to have our foxtel installer drop by and install our foxtel service.

We have telstra cable internet, which, prior to the install was working. When I got home from work, my partner said the foxtel technician had been and gone, and that we were now able to access FTA channels through out IQ box, however, our wifi was not working.

I looked into the roof access point and noticed that the technician had cut and split the coaxial cable that was previously directly routed into the study, where our modem lives. There is now a Hills diplexer installed. The source cable fed from the distribution point is connected to the in/out on one side of the diplexer. On the other side of the diplexer there are two points; FTA and SAT. The SAT connection was fed to the study, where the modem was connected and the FTA connection was fed to the FOXTEL point in the lounge. With this configuration, we could get both FTA and FOXTEL channels through our IQ box, but no internet.

After calling up support and riding the foxtel says it's telstra's fault, telstra says it is foxtels fault merry go round, I decided to cut my losses and try playing around with the diplexer. When I swapped the SAT connection to feed FOXTEL, and the FTA connection to feed the modem, the modem connected to the internet but I lost FTA channels on foxtel (foxtel channels still worked).

-Cable Foxtel and Telstra Internet
-Internet previously worked before technician installed foxtel placing a diplexer in roof
-With diplexer configured (1) as:
         - SAT -> Modem = No Internet.
         - FTA -> FOXTEL IQ = FTA + Foxtel channels through IQ
-With diplexer configured (2) as:
         - FTA -> Modem = Internet
         - SAT -> FOXTEL IQ = Internet/Foxtel channels only through IQ (no FTA)

So I'm frustrated and confused.

My options are:
1) get a splitter and split the FTA output of the diplexer to both the modem and the FOXTEL IQ and hope that I get both internet and FTA + Foxtel channels on IQ. Do you think this will work!???
2) another option suggested by the brilliant people of dtvforum
3) spend the rest of my mortal life, being endlessly transferred between foxtel and telstra.

Really looking forward to your help!!



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Sorry if this is really stupid but Foxtel have a history with me on different issues - so I'd suggest put it back to them. You fudged up the install, do it properly....just a thought mate

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15 minutes ago, captainbuff said:

Sorry if this is really stupid but Foxtel have a history with me on different issues - so I'd suggest put it back to them. You fudged up the install, do it properly....just a thought mate

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Yeah, the trouble is when you get their call centre and they hear 'the internet stopped working' they immediately transfer you to Telstra. Totally useless. 

Have you had better luck getting Foxtel to follow through on support?

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Nope...exactly the same as what you said!!! Did my nut in! Was so filthy with them in the was obvious that there was a problem because of what they had done but they didn't want to claim it. 'My internet worked great it's not...fix it!!'

In the end I went the splitter route. I was tearing my hair out and was just trying anything and it worked so I let be and said a few fancy words.

Sorry mate...not much help!!

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Josh, it has been heaps of help. Number 1 lesson = don't try and get Telstra or Foxtel to fix their issues. Disappointing that this seems to be a recurring problem with their technicians.

Did you have a diplexer fitted by the tech?  Did you replace it with the splitter?

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Did you have a diplexer fitted by the tech?  Did you replace it with the splitter?

Ummm...sorry mate going Greek there for me! I'm no pro at this sort of stuff...I know a little but not enough to claim by any means!!

The Foxtel muppet put the dish on the roof and the cable was half assly stacked into the back of a cupboard and made it's way to my HT. Honestly did not think to look in the roof and see what was going on but then again I wouldn't know what to look for.

Again probably more confusing than helpful but I remember that it was my ISP (iiNet) that finally came on board and said 'put the splitter on'. Yeah I definitely remember that now...this was after weeks of going insane though. It also played havoc with my phone line...I could dial out but it was terrible reception. Never solved that until Foxtel got the flick due to 'funds'...sorry mate I'm not really a hugely tech savvy guy but I hope it makes some sense!


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The best thing to do is go to a Telstra Store and speak with them, don't do it over the phone.    My girlfriend is a Manager of a Telstra Store.    And believe it or not.   Telstra place a very high value on customer service within its stores and all of her employees that I have seen absolutely love there jobs and give great customer service.   


With that said there will be some stores which offer great service and some which won't.   But that's like that everywhere.    


If you go into the stores and still have no luck.   Contact the ombudsman.     This will get a result and will get a result fast.    I know people who have had other issues and once you go further down the chain of command all of a sudden they "can do something".     

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