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NEW 2017 JVC X Series Projectors GB

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Feb 5th update: This first round of the X series purchases went really well despite some holdups with JVC staff bein away and custom clearance etc.

We had 8 JVC X7500's, 2 JVC X5500's and 1 JVC X9500 purchased over the past month so well done to all who purchased and made this excellent group buy possible.

We are now into round 2 of the 'group buy' for Feb 2017 and this will continue on as the first round with heavily discounted prices locked in place for forum members.

I think we've done JVC group buys now 5 years straight without a hiccup. I've had great support from a large customer base here at the AV forum and beyond, and also JVC Kenwood themselves who are simply brilliant to deal with.

Without you guys, it just isn't possible so a big thank you to all involved.

Best Regards to all,



Jan 16th update: I have been assured we will be getting the stock we require for this first round. There are also some orders now for the 5500 but no stock as yet. Will hopefully know more tomorrow as to next batch arrival and numbers etc.

The only delays occuring now are because certain staff members associated with the projector side of things are still on leave at JVC Kenwood. They are just waiting on the new model numbers to be inputted into their system so they can process the orders we've placed.

I appreciate your patience and assure you everything is being done to minimise lead times.


Hi All,

JVC Kenwood have limited stock right now of the X7500 coming late next week. Pre orders are now being taken on first come first serve basis.

I have uploaded the PDF into images so it can be viewed on this page.

Press release here

PM for pricing.

RRP is same as previous X series which is as follows:

  • $6160 for the DLA-X5500
  • $8800 for the DLA-X7500
  • $10498 for the DLA-X9500

3D kit same as previous at $649 RRP which includes 4 glasses and emitter.

New low lag gaming mode, a vast improvement on previous X series, makes these new JVC's not only best in black level performance but now a serious gaming projector as well.

Gamers now get the best of both worlds!  Also increases in both lumen output and native and dynamic contrast. Additional info will be added in due course.









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