NBN download speeds in practice: fast enough to access UHD?

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thanks Peter.  The TV (Samsung KS 8000) is connected wirelessly as the modem is located on the same stand.  I get exactly the same result when connected via Ethernet.  Not sure what you mean by NBN tech.  Just connected with Optus a year ago who sent out the installer. Everything works fine other than the "collapse in Netflix speed" in the evenings.

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7 hours ago, pc9 said:

Not sure what you mean by NBN tech.  Just connected with Optus a year ago

I think Peter is asking how NBN internet is delivered to your address. Some people get it via old-fashioned copper phone line that connects to an NBN pillar or "node" on the footpath a few hundred metres away, some get the internet through a coaxial cable that has been in the neighbourhood for years but which has been switched over to the NBN. Some people (particularly in new estates) get NBN fibre all the way to their premises.


16 hours ago, pc9 said:

Unfortunately, each evening after about 6pm, my Netflix data rate appears to drop dramatically. The information button on my Samsung TV indicates a best download speed during this time of 5.53mbps which is not enough to run 4K video (Netflix will usually resolve 4K at 7.63mbps and upwards).   When this occurs I always undertake a download speed test (to confirm that the Netflix drop is not due to a more general bandwidth reduction); the results of which confirm the 30mbps or so - also You Tube 4k clips happily resolve at anything between 15 and 22 mbps during this time, so I believe that my download speed results are genuine and adequate for 4K video.

Well we don't usually watch Netflix [Australia] quite so early in the evening but tonight I put Netflix on from 6pm to 6.30pm  (and played an episode of Grace & Frankie). This streamed at 2160p for the whole half hour, varying between about 15Mps and 11Mbps according to the information displayed on the [Android] TV screen.

The connection we have is not NBN. It's just Optus coaxial cable internet that during the day provides a download speed around 30Mbps but by 6.30pm tonight had dropped to 23Mbps (according to

Why your access to Netflix in Rockhampton deteriorates so badly at night while your basic internet access remains relatively high I can't say. However it's clear that Netflix can stream 4K to some parts of Eastern Australia at this time of the evening.  [I live in an inner northside suburb of Brisbane, and as I say the provider is Optus using the old cable (HFC) network; not "the NBN". ]

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thanks - internet is FTTN and the premises is located about 200 metres from the node.  I will call Netflix tonight and see if they can shed any light on the subject (although I'm not expecting much from them).

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      Hi Everyone,

      Got the LG 55UH652T (Ultra HD TV) over the weekend and hooked it up on the wall.

      Setup was a breeze and the TV connected to the wifi instantly and the picture and sound are fantastic!

      For the last three days, while watching Youtube or Stan for a hour or so on the TV, the app stops responding and I get "you are not connected to the internet" error.

      I went to network settings to see the TV is still 'connected' to my wifi but the internet doesnt work for any app including Freeview.

      (I checked other devices like my ipad, iphone and the wifi is working fine).

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      I called LG support today from work and they asked me to 'reset the router'. I dont understand why I have to do that as the router is working fine!

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      I dont feel it is correct as i have never had issues with my Internet connection (i am with Telstra).

      The TV is 3 days old and I hate the fact that I have to go through this.....

      Any advice? Suggestions?

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