Rio Olympics How The Nbc Will Make Viewers Pay

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10 hours ago, alanh said:


Don't you remember the political fight over metadata. The ISPs now have to keep it for a long time, they also have the accounts of those IP addresses connected to their servers so what is so hard?

I agree with you - that's why I said "(they could)"

Watching it may not be illegal but having it delivered is. Just like if you copy a book and don't read it. You still have a copy.

That's the point. You don't have a copy. Hard to find anything concrete in Oz, here's the Court of Justice of the European's ruling on the matter:

If you were to download an illegally copied file, that would constitute copyright infringement. However, when you stream something online, the file is stored only temporarily on your computer - and temporary copies are exempt from copyright laws.In a landmark ruling i 2014, the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that internet users who look at copyrighted material online aren't breaking the law by doing so, citing Article 5.1 of the EU Copyright Directive.It stated that copies of copyrighted material that appear "on the users computer screen" and "in the internet 'cache' of that computer's hard disk" are "temporary" and "may therefore be made without the authorisation of the copyright holders".

Regardless I don't believe anyone in the world has been even charged with streaming (viewing) yet. That may change. This Aussie Guy with Facebook may end up being served a copyright infringement notice for $2000 by the cops (I don't think Foxtel will be looking to go after the theoretical $8 million he owes them in "lost revenue"). 

If the developers of a product such as Ubuntu wants to give their labour away for free that is up to them. I donate some of my time to charity, Patents and copyright not only protects companies but also individual writers musicians and inventers. It is not a social contract at all. It is to prevent the inventor or creator from being ripped off.

It is a social contract. In return for protection the inventor must place the complete details of their invention into the public domain and agree it will be free for all to use after a specified number of years.

But leaving that aside, the concept of theft was created at a time where such lines needed to be drawn to encourage certain behavior. These days more and more people find more of their daily needs met and subsequently give increasing time to others for free. This website is an example - lots of expertise provided free. Ubuntu is another very successful example. The fear is that if people were simply free to exchange ideas, expertise and knowledge that somehow every one would stop doing it and no one would invent anything ever again or tell a story ever again. Do you think Beyonce would not want to write songs if she only got $1 million a year for it instead of $100 million?

But I'm getting into perhaps wishful thinking of the future. :) I'm just not sure we need to ever strengthen the existing laws to encourage innovation (a primary purpose of copyright law). 


Peter Gillespie


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4 hours ago, mello yello said:

Foxtel have settled out of kangaroo court with an apology, they knew they were headed for quite a legal brick wall and possibly a ruling that could have burst the dam over this, so they cut their losses and ran

Its one of the main things I detest about the copyright laws. The continue to create more with horrendous potential outcomes (Jail, millions of dollars in fines, etc.) and then hold them up like some boogie man but almost never actually apply them.


Peter Gillespie

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I saw the first few days of the 4K UHD coverage uploaded on the net. None of the athletics though :-(

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