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Fetch Tv Mighty And Mini

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I was reading the Beyonwiz thread and its getting hard to justify a T3/T4 especially at the price premium involved - $600 before you even put in a hard drive!

Esp. given some of the other devices coming onto the market. In particular I'm very impressed with the Fetch TV offering:

Just $400 for the 1 Tb "Mighty" Version which has 4 tuners.

Integrated Netflix (including almost unique UltraHD stream capability) Presto and Stan functionality.

Integrated FTA Catch Up TV channels

Curated ICETV like EPG with a very good series record.

Very simple setup out of the box.

802AC wireless

(Optionally $15 per month gets you 40 odd PayTV worthy channels)

For $150 you can buy the "Mini" version. No recording ability but all the streaming options above (and 802AC wireless).

It also integrates into the Mighty to allow for streaming FTA TV around the house.

Main downsides appear to be only FF (no ad skip) but x32 with "auto trackback" when you stop FF.

You can stream your own local content (DLNA) but its possibly not hugely versatile.

I've loved the PVR companies like Topfield and Beyonwiz but BW decision to move prices (significantly) upwards seemed risky. They justified this by making powerful units with many tuners, multi room capability and customization. But I think the main players may have caught up and in most areas over taken them.


Peter Gillespie

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