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Dvd Audio Issues

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Hi everyone

I'm having audio problems with my DVD/VCR combo. The audio keeps crackling up which is obviously annoying. I use the standard red and white cables to hook up my player up to the TV and I have had the combo for about 4 or 5 years. I have had no problem with it up to now. The video is fine, nothing wrong with that, its just the audio that keeps crackling up. I have tried tightening up the red and while cables at the back to make sure they weren't loose or anything, but that didnt work. Would a new set of red and white hook up cables fix my audio issue? Help would be useful, thanks

Note: This issue applys just for the DVD drive

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Magnum72,I don't have a internal tuner plugged into the TV as I only use it for DVD/VHS playback. However I just tested it again with a couple of different DVDs, and I didn't get any cranking audio at all with the first disc I inserted, I did get a little bit of audio cranking with the second disc although no wear near as much as before. I should mention that it DOESN"T HAPPEN ALL THE TIME. Sometimes it actually plays fine, but at other times it doesn't and its annoying - it is very inconsistent in other words. VHS playback is 100% fine, and as for the model it is a Samsung DVDV6700 - http://static.bhphot...x345/485716.jpg

Cables I use - http://www.djtechtoo...a-cable-300.jpg

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Ok, before deciding if a repair is necessary at this time your combo has 2 audio outs, 1 is on the left where you have yellow, red, white in and out-I'm guessing you are currently connected to your TV from this output.

Try changing to the audio out that is too the right near the component(red, green, blue connections) and S-video.....It might fix your problem-might be temporary on no fix at all....I suspect you have a fault with the audio out from the dvd side of things probably not worth fixing.

Does the DVD side of the unit have a coaxial digital or a fiber optical digital audio output you could try ?. bearing in mind there will probabley be NO VCR tape audio output from these outputs, you will need two separate sets of output leads, red ,white and

yellow for composite VCR output to say AV1 input on the TV, and red, blue and green component video from the DVD side together with the corresponding red and white additional audio leads all into a COMPONENT set of inputs on the tv and then

switch the input source on the tv from AV1 for watching VCR tapes to the correct COMPONENT input to watch DVDs.

Good luck, as has been said probably not worth repairing when compared to a new one with warranty if you can't get it going


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