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Uk Tv Digital Restack In Terms Of Our Restack Channels

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The UK is allocating 3 transmitter channels per site and there is a spacing of 3 channels between each allocation ( an active channel surrounded by 2 blank channels. These blank channels are used in surrounding sites.

The channel numbers listed are the equivalent Australian Channels

UK group for the new restacked allocations and not existing allocations.

A: 20 - 30

600 MHz Non TV band 31 - 38

B: 40 - 50

C: 51 - 60

D: 52 - 65

800 MHz Non TV band 66 - 80

Current wideband UHF antennas for Europe are designed for 470 - 864 MHz Our wideband antennas are designed for 526 - 820 MHz.

By comparison our restacked channels

Group A channels 6 - 8, 10 - 12

Group B channels 28 - 33

Group C channels 34 - 39

Group D channels 40 - 45

Group E channels 46 - 51

So the UK does not use band 3 for TV

Their group A only contains 2 of our channels

Their group B contains our groups D and E

Their group D will only be used for mobile phones and Wifi here.


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