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Best Smarttv Interface / Add-On Box?

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Hi all,

rarely venture outside the HT section, but I need some advice.

I have a couple of TV's that I want to turn into smart TV's. I have a QNAP NAS drive, and would like to find a good interface box/adapter that will plug into the HDMI inputs of the TV's.

I like it to be wireless, have a twonky player (so it can talk easily to the QNAP), and be able to access the web.

I've seen the LG Smart upgrader box, but unsure if it'll do what I want.

Any other options out there?



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kogan has this one

depends what you want to do as such

as far as wireless, none of them have found would do that effectively for video. apart from the little $129 apple tv. that will do all forms of media via itunes. youtube etc. but limited in other ways. a very slick thing that really does work though.

dont know about the lg smart box sorry.

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