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Death Race 2, Intermittent Poor Audio And Pq

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Ok i know it's not the best movie on the planet,

but watching it on DVD last night and it had intermittent issues with low audio volume from the centre chanel, in scenes that had big explosions, loud engine noises, etc

using a denon AVR, klipsch speakers, etc, all tuned with Audyssey MultEQ XT, and has never had such an issue on other movies (i watched Bad Boys 2 directly before this movie and it was perfect)

no Dynamic volume or DRC/ night-mode, etc was used

it's not a hardware setup issue, and i'm listening at about -10dB from reference level. (well within the power on tap from my system)

most other scenes were fine, with the volume staying constant as it needed to and panning across the soundstage as it should.

just wondering if anyone else has seen the DVD and has noticed similar issues

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The big problem with returning it to the sales store, is the first thing they will tell you is "it's been opened and can't be returned"

Reply with, "So how do I know it's faulty, if it's still sealed in the packaging " Adopt a blank look.

If you consider it a faulty copy , simply ask for the store manager // owner, and insist they play the thing, Which of cause there

going to say they can't. So ask if they will take the thing home and test it. If they still refuse, ask for there name and contact number,

and say your going to Consumer affairs, Today Tonight, A Current Affair, etc,etc. That normally gets a result, Then ask nicely while

biting one's tongue, for a replacement, or a full refund. Which your entitled to under the fair Trading Act subsection 17 b. [ Or some

such rubbish, you just made up ] In short be a complete pain in the Ar*e, and keep using that magic word "WHY"

Years ago I had the same problem with printing ink, The printer simply refused to recognise the cartridge. So back I go to Big W,

"It can't be changed, you've opened it" Here we go I thought. In the end I had the bird on the return counter, the sales assistant, the

assistant to the sales assistant, the under section manager, the section manager, the section buyer, the assistant store manager and

the store manger, when he got back from the Pub. They gave me a refund, to get rid of me, if I promised never to return to there store.

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Pretty sure it came out of the <$10 bargain bin so i can't even be bothered with returning it for the hassle.

really wondering if it's just a poor copy, or poor mixing

there's some low-budget acting and obvious blue-screen background scenes in the film, so they probably ran out of cash to have it mixed properly.

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