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  1. Hi all - I have a Panasonic DMR-XW480 and, following the launch of 7Flix it doesn't seem to be able to "see" mpeg-4 channels. I had to enable mpeg-4 on my panasonic tv, but I can't see a similar option on the PVR. Has anyone solved this issue? I have tried contacting Panasonic directly, but they didn't reply to my email. Thanks Shane
  2. Thanks all. Back from a break & now I'm going to assume this is down to my dodgy cabling & call in an installer to fix. Now off to search for installer recommendations!
  3. I had tried the rescan, but not the reset. Gave that a go, but it didn't seem to help much. Seems my cable connections are just too dodgily installed (by moi of course!) When I fiddled with the antenna cable connection things improved, but are not perfect. Notwithstanding my shoddy handiwork, I am still a bit confused as to: 1. Why it has suddenly stopped working, when it was doing fine previously (& this is not related to the current wind, stopped before that). 2. Why my TV's tuner can receive reception fine whilst the DVR cannot (both are Panasonic & both less than 12 mths old). Cheers OzShark
  4. Hi all, my DVR after working perfectly for the past 6 months has suddenly decided not to receove Channel 9/Go etc or SBS. Nothing changed in the setup. I can receive those channels direct through the Plasma TV, but not through the DVR (where I want to record them!). Even with connections going: antenna to DVR then DVR to TV I can receive the channels through the TV's tuner, but not through the DVR's. Any ideas? Thx OzShark
  5. Hi all - same problem here on my 920, but manually typing the date as suggested above worked fine for me. cheers Shane
  6. Problem solved! With the new HDD, I didn't have the jumpers set correctly (didn't even know they existed!). Once I changed that, it all worked OK. Bit confused as to what went wrong with the old disk in the first place, as it is now working just fine in my external usb drive... Thanks very much to this community for your help! Much appreciated. Cheers OzShark
  7. The plot thickens...... Thanks all for the replies to date - I am about to try those suggestions (here's hoping google tells me how to remove all partitions, I don't really know what that means!). Thanks crusher too for your HDD upgrade page - I had been trying to access that via your old links. In the meantime, I attached the old HDD to my laptop via my external usb case....& I could access it! I am guessing this means the old HDD is not the problem and there is some other issue within the mediastar? I had previously tried to read the HDD on my laptop, but only via the usb on the mediastar unit & it wouldn't register that a disk was there at all. Thanks OzShark
  8. Hi all, thanks to Crusher's earlier response, I confirmed my Mediastar's problems were due to a dead hard disk. Took out the old HDD, replaced it with a Maxtor 200g IDE drive, freshly cleared of data & reformatted (NTFS)......but the PVR didn't automatically format it upon boot up as I was expecting. The menu options for the hard disk are simply greyed out, so I can't manually ask it to format the disk either. Any ideas? Thanks OzShark
  9. Hi all, I received a lovely Christmas present this year - my trusty mediastar 920 PVR and my harmony 525 universal remote both suddenly stopped working! With the mediastar, it powers on but the "HDD Initializing" message never leaves the screen and I can't change channel or even power off again using remote or front panel buttons. I am guessing the hard disk has died, but am not sure. I'm not a techy sort of guy so am a bit unsure what I need to do from here? Any suggestions appreciated. I used to be a member here when I bought the above mediastar pvr - but have forgotten my username and password! (Or it may have been deleted due to many years of happy error-free PVRing!) On a much less important issue - my Harmony 525 remote is actually still working fine, but the LCD screen is 100% blank - just shows the blue backlight. So its only good if you have memorised what buttons you need to press! Has anyone experienced any similar issues or have nay proposed fixes? Thanks in advance OzShark