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  1. Paul thanks for the sympathy
  2. Finally died. RIP after nearly 8 years service. Optical engine is stuffed and as they want nearly $1500 for the part, time for a new TV. I bought 4 lamps years ago as spares and now have one left. If anyone is interested I'm selling for $95 inc free delivery anywhere in Oz. Please PM if you want it.
  3. Headphone Recommendation

    I bought very expensive Sennheisers for decades and then I heard ATH-AD700. OMG and they are so cheap.
  4. Put third lamp in my TV today. It has done nearly 25000 hours and is over 7 years old. It still works just like new but I wouldn't say no to a new LED TV ;-)
  5. Yeah gotta agree. 4000 hours on third lamp and PQ is exactly the same as when bought mid 2005.
  6. Double post - apologies to all
  7. Just as I was convinced that your credibility could not get any lower, you come out with this gem and prove me wrong
  8. Welcome to 2008. Torrents are slow and leave you open to legal action. The many forums pointing to "fileshare" sites are a better idea. Cannot be beaten for extremely fast downloads and anonymity. For example, I get my weekly fix of "The Big Bang Theory", "House MD", "Mythbusters" and "Modern Family" this way. All in 720p DD 5.1 too!
  9. I had one of these and it worked great for over a year then it started to exhibit serious issues like the channel selector not working on the transmitter unit and a few months later it died.
  10. Has your fossil amp got pre-amp inputs? If so, simply buy a Blu-Ray player with decent analogue outputs and you have HD audio!
  11. I bought an Oppo BDP-83 about 15 months ago so I guess I would be regarded as a "late adopter". I hate the slow access times and technical glitches. For example, I recently got the Alien Anthology and some of the "director's cuts" or "extended cuts" movies don't display properly after watching the director's intro. The picture is zoomed in and cropped at the bottom! The only way around it is to search by scene and go straight to the actual start of the movie. The region lock thing is annoying too (my Oppo is region free). Despite this I have 100 or so discs because I love the picture and audio quality. The audio quality improvement is a big thing for me especially for music titles. I watched the remastered "Sound of Music" on the weekend and I have to say it blew me away! But yes, it is still a flawed format. I was considering giving my elderly mum a blu-ray player for Xmas but my fear of her having issues with it has put me off.
  12. Watching Dvd's On A Blu Ray Player

    I have put 4 or 5 dvds on BD-R disc a few times and the results are exactly the same as watching the DVDs on their own. I authored them with AVCHD. With regards to quality I have noticed that ripping DVDs to the hard drive and watching them on my HTPC is not as good as using an Oppo blu-ray player to play the same files via the network. The Oppo does a much better job with MPEG2 playback.
  13. There is considerable discussion here about networking over power and wireless etc. As someone who has considerable experience in wireless networking I would suggest that if you want a reliable fast connection get a wired connection. Getting someone to come in and run the cables etc will cost less than $200, be 100% reliable and with a gigabit router, astonishingly fast. I've used the latest batch of 802.11n hardware and got 280mb connections with speeds approaching that of a 100mb wired network but reliability is woeful. It may work brilliantly for hours but at the most inopportune moment it will slow to a crawl or totally lose the connection.
  14. Iq2 Hard Drive Upgrade

    I've had this problem too. My drive had over 60% free when the firmware upgrade killed the IQ2. I put the old drive back in and all is well. I'm not too concerned because I've been using a Hauppauge HD PVR for copying stuff I wanted to keep over to my HTPC. I would interested if anyone finds a solution to this and I also wonder if this happened as a byproduct of the firmware upgrade or if it was intentional.
  15. Se7en Bluray Looks The Goods!

    This is an outstanding movie the first time you watch it but how worthwhile would it be watching it again and again? I don't see any value in buying blu-rays like this if you've already seen it.