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  1. I did a reset on the TopField, fortunately doing the factory reset did not remove all my recorded programs. This seems to have fixed the green screen flash I used to see. Hopefully I won't see the green flash again.
  2. I tried over and over and over the 5000 and 9000 numbers, but it just places me on hold for ages and then cancels itself and NOBODY answers It seems impossible to talk to someone at TopField, and for that reason, the new PVR I buy will be a different brand with better phone support.
  3. Can't call TopField either on 1300 766 440, keeps saying can't call that number from a mobile Can't even get in contact with them
  4. I have a Topfield 7260PLUS, and 2 days ago I installed the latest Firmware, the "TRF-7260 PLUS" from here: Since then, I see a green flash on screen every now and then. What's caused that to happen and is there a fix/solution please? Thanks.
  5. Thanks everyone:) So if I have a TV that does 100hz or 200Hz or even 1000Hz, any HDMI cable will support that? And all HDMI cables support playing a 3D bluray DVD?
  6. Thanks, but what could be causing the pixelated look on screen when playing bluray with our current HDMI cable which Harvery Norman said is due to us needing a $300 Monster HDMI cable? Is that truly a HDMI cable issue, or a HDMI TV port issue?
  7. I have a brand new TV, when I play the bluray player on screen it seems pixelated. Could that be the HDMI cable that has a fault? Harvey Norman told me I need a $300 Monster HDMI cable to resolve the issue, true?
  8. Thank you Storm, I went to Jaycar, it was only $10 for a cable:)
  9. Are these stories really true? Topfield PVR that bad now? I can't even contact them, says their number is not available from my mobile:(
  10. Thanks Peter, I will go get a cheap one from Dick Smith.
  11. Just bought a FULL HD Samsung 40" TV, and Harvey Norman had cables for $35 for 1M, from TV into ariel/antenna wall socket. Are they really that expensive? Or can I get a cheaper one somewhere else? And are they digital cables? Thank you:)
  12. alanh. I don't see flicker on a 50Hz TV, so what flicker are you talkin about that the 100Hz needs to remove?
  13. I use my TV for watching TV and gaming on Xbox and Playstation. Size will be 40", due to the small room I am in. Is buying 100Hz overkill and waste of money for me? Do I really need this TV? http://www.binglee.c...h-3d-fhd-led-tv Or will this one still give good quality picture? Thank you. UPDATE: I just learned something interesting...TV stations push out 50Hz, so watching TV on a 100Hz TV is useless. And bluray DVD and normal DVD and Playstation and Xbox games only do 50-60HZ, so having a 100Hz TV will be useless and not fully used. Only some 3D bluray does 100HZ, so buying a 100Hz TV is only useful for those who intend to watch 3D stuff. In addition, HDMI Cables only support max 50Hz anyway, so that's a bottleneck as well to fully use 100Hz. For example, a typical HDMI Cable will support FullHD 1080P 50Hz. So having a 100Hz TV is useless as the bottleneck will be in the DVDs, games and HDMI cable etc which max out at 50-60Hz. So the question arises....are 100Hz TV's one of the biggest marketing scams to hit the TV industry?
  14. I returned my TOPFIELD 2100, new digital cable didn't help, keep getting skipping, freezing, pixelated and out of sync live TV and recordings at times, enough to bother us. Sometimes it works well for awhile and then starts up again with problems. Not worth it for us. We may try a PVR again in the future when we move closer to the City.