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  1. Thanks guys, Yep the above hinged mount is from Selby also... Rated at 80kg so it should do the 50kg panny nicely, while giving it some flexibility in viewing angles and cleaning...
  2. Seems it weighs 50kg and has the bolt pattern as depicted here:
  3. Just a quick update.., Went to a different JB Hifi a few days after the unsuccessful attempt at buying a VT60A for a decent price, and walked out with one for $3k flat. Will mount it up next week. Can anyone comment on the 65VT60A's weight and mounting bolt pattern. The pan by site doesn't list a weight and suggests it's not VESA compliant. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/371055144058 I just bought one of these mounts to install a Sammy 5xxx 48" LCD, and was suitably impressed by its quality. It's rated to 80kgs which should handle the pan by ok, but not sure about the bolt pattern...
  4. Well unproductive day for the VT60... Hardly normal would only be bent over to $3400 with wall mount. JB would only match the price, or do $3325 without a wall mount. Sales dood at JB, who wasn't very helpful, wouldn't move on the display Sammy above, nor knew how many hours is on it... I assume there is a service menu which shows u?!
  5. Well seems u can't buy TVs here in SA on public holidays... Will try another day, unless somewhere online does a decent deal on the VT or Sammy...
  6. Awesome replies, thanks guys... I'm headed into JB now to see what sort of Turkey they talk..,
  7. Hi all, thanks do much for your expertise and guidance... I went into jbhifi tonite and had a look... The VT60 (which I was leaning toward) - PQ was terrible, and ticketed at $3795. The curved Sammy UHD looked amazing, and the 65" was around $6k. Unfortunately the were no Sammy plasmas to look at... Seems the JB I visited tonite were pushing the Sammy UHds. I didn't have time to push the sales guys, but will on the weekend. How's the curved Sammy's stand up to fast moving sport? Is there much difference these days compared to the plasmas? Cheers for your help so far guys:.. Harry
  8. Hi all, Time to replace my prehistoric NEC 50" Plasma in the main room, and retire it to the spare bedroom, to use as a heater ;-) The living room is large, couches are currently 4m away, but can move back a few more meters... Daytime viewing conditions aren't overly bright. 90% of viewing is sport... With the odd movie and TV show thrown in... Rarely to I watch DVDs or bluerays. Not sure I care much for 3D or smart options, but if smart features are useful for content or net then I guess I would consider it... My questions are I guess: 1) given sport being the predominant use, is it still just plasma I should be looking at? 2) given the answer above, who makes the decent panels these days or are they much the same? 3) What sort of prices we looking at for said units? (Price isn't too much of an issue) Any other factors I also need to consider? (It's been along time since I've been in the tv market) Any suggestions and input greatly appreciated.... Cheers Harry
  9. The Hd Pvr Comparison

    ahhh wizremote is the exact thing i am looking at being able to do.... ie logging into the pvr remotely via my iphone and setting a timer now and again that i have forgotten to do at home....... secure remote access is pretty easy to achieve thru most routers into an internal network so no probs there.... will look around online for a good price on the beyondwiz now
  10. The Hd Pvr Comparison

    thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated. Do either the toppy or beyonwiz have a web interface for managing record times as well as files etc? Ie log into the PVR with a web browser and configure timers, etc?
  11. The Hd Pvr Comparison

    Hi All, Im about to enter the higher end PVR market after settling with my LG PVR for a few years now.... I am just wondering if PVRs and their advances in networkability have now included the ability to set program times via a web interface? I would ideally like to be able to login in externally and set a network timer over the air.... I assume u can do this with IceTV? but can it be done manually as well? The other main feature i want a PVR to do is to play media files via the network or external drive... I am assuming this is pretty much a standard feature these days? Cheers Harry EDIT: i see the TRF-2460 Masterpiece HD Plus does internet radio, which is a cool feature as i use my iphone in my current setup to listen to web radio.... how does the toppy go for this? does the Beyonwiz do net radio?
  12. i have a mate who works at GGs mile end... will ask him just to tee one up for me i think... as this GB has turned into a complete waste of time for ppl in states besides NSW... I know they had stock last week locally when i asked... shame the GG store sorting the GB couldnt be half assed organising there end of the bargain.... I guess this will be a lesson learnt by future GB organisers... dont deal with Good Guys as the are mostly FOS
  13. Im in SA, ordered a 50" and havent heard a thing.... called - got run around with no return call as yet.... so i am not holding out much hope of this ever eventuating.... guess i will continue to live in hope....
  14. Definate Order for the 50" depending on price Most likely for a 42" as well depedning price (if your doing the 42" havent read thread but ppl seem to be asking - if not no worries) Located in adelaide Email: Dr_MutleyAT Hotmail.com