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  1. Not quite true. The Netgem formware is part of this product. Unfortunately, I heard that new owners of Teac have no interest in this type of product and the original designer is no longer with them. There are 100's of settings, which must be set correctly (i.e. fine tuned) and I can only guess that there's no-one at Teac that can do this! The proper backend server is no longer on-line for many months now so many scripts I had links too are gone!!!!!!
  2. YES YES YES, this is the same problems I have..............Please fix it someone!!!!! It is terrible, since now I cannot record HDTV nor timeshift it without constant pixelation. The blackouts are also on composite video too...
  3. Around 2 years ago (before HDRM7250 was released), Fabian demonstrated this feature to me in the Teac office. There is a way to do it and it's very user friendly. No, the files I'm referring too are set-top box specific. The set-top box had the ability for auto updates and new features notifications with pop-up messages on the screens similar to my PC. The way software updates are done now is really poor.
  4. Sorry, wrong answer. The linux stb expert was [email protected] and would like to contact him (does anyone know how I can reach him now. Drop me a mail. ?).
  5. This latest software is crap. I get constant drop outs (loss of video for a second randomly), and can no longer record HD or timeshift it without constant drop outs every 10~60 seconds? Also when I play Windows Media files, there is no more sound??? Does anyone know how to fix this? Also, now that the expert on this product is no longer with Teac, does anyone have a name of who's fixing them or giving support? The Teac server is no longer available, so the online stuff is gone. I had links to various files on the Teac server and they are now all gone.
  6. Nothing works because their is no-one left at Teac that knows what to do..............
  7. contact [email protected] they have them in stock (I think they're around $30)
  8. Yes, you can save your mpeg recordings to a share folder on your pc or NAS drive. Set-up the Recordings Export option. This will make the folder available in the Mediaplayer.
  9. You can do this. Playback the recording. Press REC then RED (manual recording). FFWD to the end of the movie and stop the recording. That's it. I have been using this style of remote for over 3 years now like many of us (back in the ITVD500 days). It has worked very well ever since. The joystick style navigation is a must! I found it depends on how the file was made. Anyway just FFWD x2 for about 1 second; and it'll be fine. Change your setting from 16:9 fullscreen to 16:9 normal. Sorry haven't tried it yet but I don't see any reason why it would not work. I'm guessing you'd need to type
  10. Teac HDRM7250 is a new release. Supports SAMBA/SMB folder sharing and Windows Media Connect over LAN. Use an Ethernet bridge device to make it WiFi (about $99).
  11. What heat problems? There's plenty of ventilation on top of the unit. FYI: When my box was connected to the network, a message appeared that new software was available. Go to channel 999 and select the option to upgrade your software. Latest version software is 4.7.18. Also, looking inside the box, there is a battery backup for the clock same as on a PC motherboard (CR2032)
  12. Paranoid666, if you are recording one channel and then start recording another you'll get the same message such as 'recording in progress.....' if trying to change channels. I think you are looking for extra functionality rather just the record and watch or record and timeshift or record and play mediafiles???? I don't have any glitching on any channel. My SD and HD viewing and recordings are working properly. I generally leave my box on 1080i if this means something? Could it be that your signal is not quite enough? 1 or 2 dB signal boost can make a big difference. I read somewhere (cannot remember where?) that when signal is a little low that the 1st tuner takes precendence so viewing and timeshifting can be maintained. I found there are 3 ways recordings can be stopped. a. By going to the channel, pressing REC then selecting the stop option. b. By going to MY RECORDINGS and selecting the program in the list and pressing yellow key (STOP) c. By going to RECORDING TIMERS and selecting the program and pressing yellow key (STOP) You may want to relay information to [email protected] that you would like to see a 4th method (press STOP and select from a list) might also be added to the box? Personally, the way it operates now works for me. I guess everyone has their own opinions on what they'd like to see. JA
  13. I got a HDRM7250 earlier today. After a few hours of trying it, I can report the following: - Firstly, the remote controller is similar to the ITVD500 model. It is now black with some extra keys on it. When first switched on, a message appears that tests the HDTV mode (connected via HDMI to my Samsung screen). It will cycle through the HD modes until you decide to keep one. A message then appears that the drive is checking and you are guided through the set-up process. For those of you with an ITVD500, you'd seen this step-by-step before. It's similar. When finished tuning, the digital television is ready for use. The menu system and on screen graphics are nice, and in some ways similar to the ITVD500 but with a black square theme. The EPG is a new type (its like box view) and has the ability to select record and give reminders. As the manual states, you cannot do two that overlap. I connected my ethernet cable to the box and my router. Immediately, a message appears momentarily that I am 'connected with ethernet.' Another message also appeared something like 'software available go to channel 999.' It only appears for 2 seconds then disappears. When I typed channel 999, it tells me that I can activate interactive stuff and that my software requires updating. I select update and within seconds, the software for my set-top box begins to download. This takes around 5 minutes; box restarts back where you were last. Next was to try the timeshift. If I hit rewind (<<), it will go x1, x3, x10, x30, x100, x600. But here is where it becomes even more interesting. I was rewinding the picture back even when changing channels and the program names are kept for the past 4 hours. This is great. Press REC and you have two options (auto & manual). The timeshift buffer can be recorded no problems. Whilst in timeshift move the joystick up/down for 30 sec. skips. Move left/right for 15 minute jumps. The automatic option stops the recording at the end of the program+5min. There is also a manual option that I guess you'd use if there is something wrong in the broadcast. From what I could make out, you can record and watch another channel or play a media file simultaneously. If you press the list key it shows all the digital channels. I found that if you press the >> key, it will then show you the radio channels, recordings, interactive channels. On the menu, there are a few options shown. One of which is Mediaplayer-HD. On a USB hard-drive, I have put some WMV-HD files on it, some downloads (XviD's off the net) and some Apple Quicktime MOV files. The WMV and MOV's are 1080p! When connected, the Mediaplayer shows the USB drive as SDA1. All the 1080p HD examples I downloaded played and look great. One of the other menu options is 'My Recordings'. This is a list of the recordings but there is an option down the bottom called EXPORT CONFIG. Press the blue key and a screen is shown to enter the ip address or hostname of your pc, share folder name, username and password. Without reading the instructions I was confused how to get this to work. I typed the ipaddress of my lan-drive, and entered the sharefolder as public. Pressed the yellow key to test and passed. That means the stb supports SAMBA/SMB share folders. This is brilliant as it means I can have a network drive to export recordings too without the need of a PC turned on. The lan-drive also appears in the Mediacenter. I now have access to the recording I transferred and other music and video files directly from my network drive. I can select the recording (it is a .MP2 file) and play it over the network in HD and pause, forward, rewind, etc. over my network as if it was on the hard-drive inside the set-top box. As it is exporting, beside the name of the file is a percentage. Once you set-it just let it go. It'll do it in the background and you can continue to watch tv etc. One of the other experiments I tried is if you can you run files from a http server (i.e. Apache installed on a PC) like the ITVD500. That also works and shows a directory listing on your TV screen of your files. Still experimenting with this unit, so I will give more details soon. So far everything is working as per the manual. I disagree with Paranoid666 comments that the recording function is stupid. The fact that their is an immediate option to record and stop at the end of the program is great. My previous PVR would default to just 3 hours and then you'd have to go back and extend or reduce it manually. Also to stop a recording, my previous PVR had to press STOP and then OK or EXIT to choose. This unit I press REC and then select the STOP option. What's the difference, either way there are still two key presses for every PVR. I guess different manufacturers have their own way of doing the same job? Also, whilst in timeshift, press REC and then select manual recording. You are now recording the timeshift buffer. You can FFWD at 600x (5min/sec) whilst recording the buffer. JA
  14. Yes there is a web interface same as the ITVD500 and ITVR600BW models.
  15. See below from Teac... ---------------- Hi Joseph, Just to confirm to you. The 7250 is set-up for record and watch HD or record, timeshift and watch HD. Although, we have added the convenience of twin recording. The 7250 features apps/channels that can be synchronized with our servers. Therefore some new features (that are in progress) will automatically appear. [you need to go to channel 999 and activate this] We're made software improvements already, so most likely when you first get your box and connect it to your home network, you'll be presented with a software upgrade notification. Also, yes the remote is similar to the ITVD500, but now has extra keys on it. Most of the codes are similar. Regards, Fabian