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  1. Does anyone know what disk formatting system is used on the T3 and T4 Beyonwiz units? I have an old DP P2 with a 2TB disk which has been nothing but trouble as soon as there is more than around 500GB of data on the disk. I've had 2 different hard disks in it and both have had the same issues ie it runs along nicely and then all of a sudden loses everything. I have run Western Digital's test suite over both disks but never found a problem on the disk itself which tends to suggest that the partition or file allocation table got scrambled. Not an uncommon problem on a VFAT formatted disk which I presume these were. I'd be interested in replacing it with one of the newer T3 or T4 units but not if they run the same crappy format.
  2. Woops, pays to read a reply carefully before putting fingers to keyboard. But deangelj is correct IE does have a 4GB upload limit.
  3. Has anyone considered that the 4GB limit may be with the browser being used to upload files to the PVR? Internet Explorer has this limit, Opera and Firefox do not. Could be that the tester was using IE.