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  1. Thanks Blip - will look into that - being JayCar it'll be bottom end stuff I suspect - but might do the job if not eloquently
  2. Hi cwt - thanks for the response. CR tape through a Tascam analogue desk - can't recall if Dolby was involved. Looks like I might have to resort to acoustically recording on to my S7 - not sure about file sizes through that.
  3. Hi All, Hope this is the right forum area - Cassette Decks are, after all, a recording device 30 years ago I mixed a Perth band in a studio and bounced the Studio recordings onto two track cassette tape. I've now been approached by one of the band members asking if I can send them a copy. My old NAD Cassette deck died some time ago - after a reasonably priced cassette deck that will efficient convert to MP3 format? Don't want to do the lottery of the second hand market. Are they still available in Oz?
  4. On the Navigation issues - YES - why oh why do they do that? What's the sense of navigating to an episode that is not on the disk!? On the BD play issues - happy to advise that Sanity replaced the one original supplied with an unopened one. Sanity, as you are no doubt aware, remove the disks for security reasons when placing the cases on their public shelves. I'd say the disk probably got damaged at some stage as a result of this. No issues with what was resupplied play wise I'm pleased to say - other than the stupid navigation of course. I was able to keep the original one until the replacement arrived. Couldn't bare one or two nights without watching one or two episodes. Now I'm fanging for season 2 on BD.
  5. Thanks for posting that CWT! A very informative (and very dissapointing) read. Whilst there seemed to be sporadic issues, with PS3s, Oppos etc, it certainly seems the Sony BDnnn models copped by far the most incompatability issues - I've asked Sanity to get me another BD and I'll try that one.Mind you, others in that other forum post seemed to have a LOT more problems, at least mine didn't freeze completely. I have to agree too with some of the comments - the menu navigation is (imo) rediculous, why have episode 3 on the box, disk etc as disk 2 then have a navigation to it on disk 1, only to be told to load disk 2- seems pretty senseless to me. Still a fantastic series though - watched 4 episodes so far (no probs with eps 2-4 (touch wood!) )
  6. Cheers Cooksta - ok, worth looking into - interestingly though, never had any issues playing any other BR. Will play another episode this evening and see how we go there. Thanks for the feedback!
  7. Hi All, Finally got around to picking up the BR 5 disk set for Game of Thrones this week and chucked on the first episode last night. Absolutely first class, as I expected But there was a problem. On two occassions, the picture just froze (for about 10 seconds I reckon) then resumed, appearing to after missing footage slightly - i.e. jumped ahead. I had a close look at the disk surface and nothing absolutely physically obvious. Anyone else have the same issues? I'll return it of course for an exchange.
  8. Hi Mr P, I was actually looking at one of these units at a local electrical retailer yesterday. As you say, on the surface spec wise, they seem to allow a fair bit of freedom. Currently I have an old Pioneer analogue DVD recorder - great little unit, but of course it's past it's use by date and i finally weaned myself off away from DVDs and therefore recorders which seem a diminishing technology (less and less manufacturers). Will be interesting to see some input on this unit. Sorry to hear about your experience - did you end up getting it rectified?
  9. Hi Mttel, OK, had a change to have a closer look at my T775 AV Unit. As I mentioned before, when I'm not using my AV gear I switch everything off at the wall to minimise running and electricity (though my wife does an absolutely excellent job of countering that by leaving all the lights on all the time ). The fans aren't running when I first switch the unit on, they cut on after the unit has been on for a while, but once on, don't seem to turn off or vary in speed until the unit turns off. Hi Wags, Can't help you there sorry Wags, will leave that to the experts in here. Buit interested in which NAD unit you have - is it the 775, or earlier model and what's the issue on the video side requiring the bypass?
  10. Hi M! You're welcome mate , glad you received a response! I had a look for the email matter I had but darned if I can find it. Anyway, an interesting statement from NAD. I know mine are always on, but only noticeable when I turn the main power supply on to all my AV units, but with the amp turned off. From their reply, it would seam that the fans are always on, just the speed varies depending on the unit's temperature. If I get a chance, I'll have a closer look at mine. I'd be interested what you find out at the store.
  11. Hi Mttel, As far as I can tell, the fans on my unit are on all of the time. To save power, I isolate all my AV gear anyway, when not in use. I recall that I had some technical question a while back (can't remember what it was now) but NAD Aust where pretty responsive. I wonder whether it would be worth dropping them an email?
  12. Hi Mttel Glad you got it sorted!
  13. OOOO - sounds positive drool material Al! Cheers for posting that! I wonder if any of those innovations will filter down into MDC module upgrades for the T7 series.
  14. Crikey mttel, you do have some drammers hopefully, you'll be able to claim that on insurance or warranty - is that your new NAD AV amp you are referring to?
  15. Crickey Michael, a rough road traveled you have (says Yoda ) = Very precise diagnostic remedy mate! Well done!