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  1. I've got a couple of problems and trying to work out the best way around them. Currently I've got a projector set up at the back of the room on top of a bookcase, the room is open plan and I can't run cables around the house. This also means I can't put surround speakers in cause there isn't anywhere to put them, which I can live with. Other equipment I have is an AV receiver, speakers tv etc at the front of the room which I want to keep there. I would like to watch tv on the projector along with movies and obvioulsy listen to it at the same time. I have a STB and a bluray player which I can put that near the project. The problem with the STB is that I don't think an indoor arial will work and the plug is at the front of the room near the tv. If i can put the STB near the projector I can probably get something like those cocoon transmitters which only transmit stereo audio and listen to it via the AV receiver. Does anyone know if there will then be a lag between the picture which will be going via HDMI or component to the projector and the audio which will be from the same source but will be going via a transmitter to the AV receiver. If I can't get a signal with the STB near the projector I'll need to put the STB at the front of the room and transmit the video to the projector and the audio can plug straight into the receiver. I've had a quick look and the transmitters I've seen on the internet seem to have composite or S-Video which I think is limited to 480p maximum. Is there a transmitter that sends something at a higher resolution 720p which should be fine for tv? Or does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can hook the equipment up?
  2. 62 Sth America - apparently Argentina is amazing to explore.
  3. I didn't watch this on bluray but I can safely say it was up there amongst the worst movies Ive ever seen. It was truely crap. Save your money and buy something else.
  4. Would you consider posting it?
  5. What a pity that HD DVD's are now gone, I know I'm not going to be buying a bluray player until they are region free. I suppose it should be a boost for HD downloads anyway.
  6. I was at carousel shopping centre in cannington last week. There is a shop there, maybe ezydvd or something like that that looked like they had a few, it's near the entrance to the cinema with the food places there. Sorry can't remember the names of any of them.
  7. I was at habour town in perth before and the EB games has them sitting in the front window with a big sign on them with $799. They said it was only today that they are selling them for $799 though.
  8. Check out this review on the PS3 as a DVD player. "While I would still recommend it as a Blu-ray player, anyone considering adding the PS3 to their home theater rack should probably keep their standard DVD player as well." Might be only applicable to the NTSC version...
  9. I won my auction for the surround package, I'd been looking at their subwoofers and saw the low end of the range they where selling for. I ended up ringing up the place and said I've won this auction, I'll give you $200 extra or whatever it was at the time, low price for the subwoofer and the guy said no problems. Give it a go and see.
  10. Like wise, it is really good that someone has put together a site with some information on it. When I was looking around it was very difficult to find any information. Well done.
  11. The other website for these guys is I have actually got a set of the dream 77 model. Overall I'm happy with them, the two towers are really good, worth the money by themselves. The centre speaker isn't as good, the clarity isn't fantasic and during talking scenes/surround music was slightly muffled for a better word. At the moment I've got the speakers hooked up with a virtual centre and it's ok. The rears are similar to the centre but not as noticable, mainly cause the only sounds that come out of them aren't as critical as speach. I figured for under $400 it was pretty hard to go wrong, if they where terrible I'd save up and buy better ones. I've probably had them for 2.5 years now. I've also got one of there subwoofers, downfiring one, ok but not brilliant. Makes lots of base but not as clear and crisp as the more expensive ones. I thought they had a showroom in clayton, melb or near there that you could listen to them. That was a couple of years back so it might have changed since then. Also got a mate that recently got the simba V6 or X7 and he is really happy, he said that centres and rears on his all match up perfectly. Maybe they've fixed the problems,
  12. What happened to the auction, I noticed it was finished early cause the player was "broken or lost"
  13. Not sure if any of the cables in the review below are available in Australia, but by the look of it just about any HDMI cable will be fine.
  14. A couple more that may be more than useful as a deterent, I'd encourage people to use the following even if the cat isn't inclined to go on your gear. Maybe you could even help the neighbour out... "Solution 1" "Solution 2"