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  1. Correct, seemed like the OP wasn't quite sure where to price so just trying to help. Wouldn't have posted if the info wasn't available through the forum already. Owning one myself, I only have good things to say about the unit - plenty of power on all channels. So hopefully Mix can find a fair price with an interested buyer!
  2. From what I can see of the RX-V3800 FS threads on DTV it went something like: 2011: $800 (didn't sell) 2012: $400 (sold) 2016: $500 (sold) While they're getting on a bit now they are a great AVR with plenty of grunt, and handle DTS:MA and TrueHD. GLWS.
  3. My apologies, it has sold.
  4. No worries - can I ask where you are seeing the 90-115 degrees? Their first image shows setup for the up-firing modules. The second shows your intended setup. The reference to 90-110 degrees is for side surrounds, not Atmos effect speakers. Just trying to help make sure you don't place them in the wrong spot.
  5. Just on this bit, to help with your setup, can I ask where you read this part? 4 x Atmos effect speakers aren't usually installed at these angles. Also what do you mean by adjustable positioning? As in aim-able baffles or tweeters?
  6. I used to watch a scene from Transformers 2 a lot as I knew it quite well (the pyramid battle scene in the desert). I watched it that many times that I started to notice more and more inconsistencies in the CGI. One example - as the pyramid is getting broken up and chunks are rolling down the sides, there's at least 3-4 pieces that they forgot to animate, spin and bounce like the others. So they kind of slide across the screen in a direct line... now whenever I watch the scene I can't unsee them!
  7. Looking to sell my copy of Horizon Zero Dawn. Disc and box in brilliant condition. $50 posted. SOLD.
  8. I'm still yet to get there, very keen though, have heard it's very funny from everyone I know who has seen it.
  9. Hi Stainless, I have an X4000 and a 103D. I don't have the issue myself, but if you want me to test a certain procedure or sequence let me know. Do you have another blu-ray player you can swap in and see if it does it? Maybe even a PS4? Also, I haven't kept up with the 203 but does it have a firmware update you can try?
  10. No worries mate.
  11. I'd probably take it if you were willing to post?
  12. Have had this lens in storage for ages, clearing out space so time for it to go Good for a cheap entry into a-lens or just to experiment with. Asking $50, located in SA. It's probably not worth shipping (being glass) but would consider it if you accept the freight charge and responsibility. Thanks!
  13. I'm looking forward to this one as well - let us know what you think!
  14. Hi all, I'm thinking of selling my HTC Vive soon and seeing I've had some good dealings on this forum thought I would see if anyone is interested here before trying ebay or gumtree. The unit comes with all parts and accessories inc. headset, controllers, base units etc. It's in fantastic condition, it's probably only been played a total of 15-20 times. I do really enjoy playing it but my spare time has drastically reduced and it's not being played as much as I'd like. Better to go to a new home and I will look at it again in a year or two when I get more time. The going price seems to be around $1000 (and this one's in exemplary condition), so if you're keen send me a PM and we can chat. I have original boxing and I'll more than likely double box for that extra confidence if needing to be shipped. I haven't taken photos but can do for anyone interested, it's pretty much what you get in the box but understand it's always nice to see the actual goods. Location: SA but happy to ship. Thanks.