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  1. HI and thanks for the reply I was after a dead one to cut the back of the case to see about fitting a small Computer PSU in it but IN the end I had to buy the proper PSU for his C300 but what would you want for your C300 as may be a good spare for him? Also what does it have it the Slide in unit or a Bluray rom Maybe. Tony V59
  2. HI I actually bought a Secondhand one of Ebay last week for my back room :-) But my friend also has one and the Power supply Blow up in it, I have a new one coming but have found a Normal Slim PSU should work in it IF I can get it to fit and the right one. So looking for a Case of a C-300 mainly so can mod it a little to make if fit but if it comes with other spares (LIke the Slide In HDD unit all the better. AND YEP they seem hard to come by these days I have to say but fingers crossed maybe some one can help out.
  3. Item: Popcorn C-300 Price Range: NEG Item Condition: Can Be Dead for parts Extra Info: Location: Drouin Victoria Hi All Looking for a Popcorn Hour C-300 can be dead and parts only as looking to mod the case and see if I can get a better Slim computer Power supply to fit into one to replace a friends unit with a burnt out one. let me know if you have one or what you have Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  4. hi I know this is a old post but is this still available? V59
  5. Hi I have a fiend looking for one of these units Popcorn Hour C200 or C300 if you have one and would like to sell it let me and will see what we can work out. Needs to have the HDD Slide in tray as thats the main thing he requires for his setup. Thanks for looking V59
  6. Hi All wondering if anyone has Bad Boys 2 they would like to part with? I know JB hiFi have it in the 3 for $40 at the moment but thought if someone has one they don't want let me know before I go there. V59
  7. hi another request anyone have the ID4 Independence Day 20th Anniversary Blu (2 disc version) they would like to sell by any chance before I go to JBHi. V59
  8. I had to watch it last night with the adds :-( I thought I had it already on blu but it was dream thats why i am looking for it here.
  9. hi wondering if anyone has the blu of The Phantom 1996 with Billy Zane Thanks V59
  10. they also change the delivery times for most items along with the price hike. :-( express post is not express post LoL
  11. Hi wondering if anyone has a full unedited version Blu of Kingsman coming? (some countries have had it released with edited sections) It appears that the US version is the full unedited one and anyone have a heads up as to what we are getting here? Pm if can help out if getting one and like to pass it on v59
  12. Pm re John wick
  13. Hi All just seen this at amazon and thought worth a post looks intresting I have to say and price seems good as get the origional sereis and the 1980 one, but more intresting is on this release a WS version and the orgional 4x3 version. there is a cheaper one with just the 4x3 on it but still get the Two series. worth a preorder I think. V59
  14. Hi All Came across this and thought some of you might be interested. It appears the Batman 1966 Bluray disc Set was missing some content on a disc so a replacement needs to requested and sent to who ever bought the set, I find it strange that from reading the article that even sets sent now are still incorrect and you need to get a replacement sent even thought they know the disc wrong LoL V59
  15. Hi All Wondering if anyone has a Oppo 103 they want to part with either the Normal or the D version Would like a regionfree one if possible if not no issue :-) if anyone is thinking of going from the AU to D unit I would be interested in your "plain" one or if anyone is just selling one Pm me if you have one and see what we can work out v59