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  1. Gee, you still have this beast! But I feel for you. Beautiful TV indeed. As I recall, there was a coil (voltage regulator?) replaced at the same time the MCZ3001DB chips were replaced in my case. The chips failure was probably due to the deterioration of the conditions of the coil. Anyway. It seems that your current issue is located on the same D board those replaced chips are on. It could be something very simple like a loose wire? Sorry I can't be of any more help to you.
  2. Could be due to interference from other electrical devices. Try switching them off, and/or re-arranging their wiring.
  3. See http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/01/05/chipzilla_warner_launch_lawsuit_over_hdcp_cryptobusting_boxen/ .
  4. Thanks guys for your responses. It appears BW T4 is at the top of the game at this time, but not many shops carry it, which makes it hard to get a bargain price. Many TVs can now record to an externally connected USB drive, with limited functionality but running pretty reliably. I think that might reduce the demand for a dedicated PVR for many people, Yep: FTA and not "freeview". :-)
  5. Marantz SR7010 sells for about A$2400.00 in Hong Kong: http://www.price.com.hk/product.php?p=210454 . How much are they charging at KEC in S'pore?
  6. I have found a change of dac in the following products: Marantz SR7007 DAC: AKM AK4358; Marantz SR7008 DAC: Burr-Brown Audio PCM1690; Marantz SR7009 DAC: Burr-Brown Audio PCM1690; I recall Marantz used to use CirrusLogic for many years. Does anyone know when the change started (which year)?
  7. Anybody know of a good deal for 3077 right now?
  8. The Samsung has an amazing picture (deep blacks), but also has a very low energy rating.
  9. Optical is what I use as well. My set-top box cost about a quarter of my current TV back then, and obviously has better output signal level.
  10. Is it this model only, or is it general to most TVs, that the audio output seems to have low signal level? I was comparing it with an external set-top box I used to use before, and this TV's sounds some 15dB less loud.
  11. I am sorry, actually a bit disappointed, to see you give up on the Sonys. :-) Life is full of compromises, bulky TVs or pairs upon pairs of shoes... :-) Not much point of doing this, but if there is a comparison of the Sonys and the Samsung... ;-)
  12. If you do get it back to work, do yourself a favour by getting a individually-switched power board, and switch off power to the socket your tv is plugged into when you need to (un)plug other devices, to avoid the impact of sparks generated. -J
  13. One needs to consider the following: - Who will be viewing it, i.e. how good is the person's eye-sight. - What content source will the person be using the most. For free-to-air stuff, a 42'-46' is probably as large as it should get for a viewing distance of 2.5m, for a person of normal eye-sight. If you are not sure, go to a shop that shows a free-to-air channel on the TV set and find it out for yourself. -J