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  1. I have a retired couple moving to the Yamba area and need someone to install 2 lots of Bose 5.1 satellite type roof speakers and hook up their amps and TVs etc. Probably make sure Netflix goes etc. These speakers are a few years old I think. They are Bose Acoustimass 10 Series IV with roof mounting brackets. It should not be too hard as it is a single story brick house so can get in the roof to run cables and go down the wall cavity to get to the sub and amp.
  2. I have a different type of problem that I have not really seen before. The TV is a new model android Sony. Anyway when you tune in the channels they all tune in fine and all channels are there. Except after going back to the TV ch7, which initially tuned in, for some strange reason changes the freq from 599.5MHz to 606MHz and then will not show a picture even though all the channels have scanned in. If you go in to the manual scan section it says it is channel 7 but when you look at the specs it says it is channel 39 and 606MHz and trying to be SBS. (SBS is CH39 at 606.5MHz) If you go into the manual scan and change the channel back to 38 and then change the freq from 606MHz to 599.5MHz it all scans in fine and all ch7 is there. However, randomly it will think it is SBS again and put up 606MHz and there will be no picture. You need to repeat the process again to get Ch7 back. A complete rescan did not make any difference as it still did the forget Ch7 thing. Any suggestions? Is the TV faulty?
  3. Only just saw this looking for something else. This is a common fault of the Yammy. If you still have the RXv1800 stashed in a back cupboard, replace the C4 Green cap and it is good to go again.
  4. Nice model and would really love one but could not justify the cost atm as never can have it up loud with little kids unless everyone goes away. So opted for a new NR1604 and run my old 2300 yammy as a preamp for extra front channels. All in all the 1604 sounds quite good in 7.1 with the preamp.
  5. I have a Himedia 900 and it plays fine from internal HD or USB but still has problems with streaming content. have the 910B for $200 including shippling. They have just done a local firmware update so you can use it for Au catchup TV.
  6. Great price for an A3010.
  7. Whats everyone paying for the RX-A3010 here? I see they are averaging $1899 in the US.
  8. I picked one up for $130 as it seemed a worthwhile up grade from the WDTV Live. The ability to change themes and backgrounds is good. Menus are in a better resolution and seem snappier. It remembers my network shares for my NAS. Remote is better but only just. Haven't tried the wireless as I use Cat6. Have read some reviews that say it wirelessly streams 720p fine but stutters on 1080p. In depth review at
  9. Yeah, when you can pick it up in the US for $US2999 without trying, prices here suck pretty bad!
  10. Picked up one of these (Bevix BV8088) in my travels and it plays BD iso files with full menus fine. Does all the HD sound. You can add a tuner card for FTA recording as well. Also can plug in an external HDD or disk drive in the USB if you want. Has the sigma SMP8642
  11. They all work so depends how fancy you want to go. If you want to run nice macros you need to go the top of the list rather than the bottom Means they will not pass DTSHD sound through to your HD amp. They will only pass the core DTS. Not really a problem unless all your files are HD BluRay rips with HD sound and you want to stream them and listen to the HD sound through your amp.
  12. What he said. I have a couple of these and they pretty much work flawlessly. They will stream 1080p all day long. I run then wired through a GB switch connected to a NAS. You can have a few streaming 1080p from the NAS at the same time with not a problem. I use them as a no frills setup with the thumbnails turned off and set in the file list style format and they run much faster. They are fast to start you can just have the sound through the HDMI to the TV and SPDIF to an amp. This means you just need the TV, WDTV and NAS on for basic viewing. If you structure your file system on your NAS right they are easy to use and thus have a good WAF as well. Another option would be a boxee but these are more expensive.
  13. LOl 2006 post and still the local DTV video quality sux. Channel BT 720p flogs the local DTV to death.
  14. Maybe because they were too expensive before. Can be picked up for around $100 these days. Good for what you get. Streams HD nicely from a NAS. Shame someone does not hack the Live Hub UI and port it to the Live.
  15. It says 'In an email to dealers Dwyer, who has slashed prices up to 30 percent...' Well that is a start but, when the prices were double to start with in some cases, they still have a long way to go to be competitive.