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  1. Are there still stocks of the rectangular Bond 50 Box Set in Oz?
  2. Hi Owen, I had a one, but for various reasons had to leave it behind. It's a really good, reliable TV. Thought I might give it a shot and see if there's one still lurking out there...
  3. Does anyone know if a mint one is still available out there, or are willing to sell their unit? Thanks
  4. Does anyone know if the Tivo Premiere model would be available together with the the updated Wireless N Adapter anytime soon? Thanks
  5. Hi, I'm after a Marantz CD-7 CD Player which is now about 10 years old but by all accounts, still sounds great. If you have one and am willing to sell, drop me a msg. Cheers.
  6. Hi Momaw, I'll be interested in a 983 if they're available as well. Cheers
  7. I'll take one copy please. Thanks.
  8. Hi Diesel, Pioneers' response was that the only retailer that might hold stock is JB Hifi. I tried calling quite a few stores to no avail and thought I might give it a go here. Would be great to get Pioneers last 42" effort given Pioneers recent announcement of leaving the TV market. Secretly I was hoping their tie up with Panasonic would rebirth this size, but alas it aint so.
  9. What is currently the best price on a BDP-S5000ES? Does the offer with the free Bond films have an expiry date? Thanks
  10. Hi, Would anyone consider selling their mint PDP-428XDA with stand or know of any still in existance out there? I'm located in VIC but would purchase interstate if ones available. Thanks.
  11. Hi, Does anybody know if theres still a new or mint Pioneer 428XDA lying out there somewhere? Cheers
  12. Has anyone had a chance to compare the XD-E500 to the Pioneer 610AV as they're comparable in price/features?
  13. Can anyone confirm as suggested on other forums that Pioneer will be bringing back a 42" Plasma for their forthcoming G10 series?
  14. Does anybody know further details as suggested on the AVSforums that the BD35 would be discontinued shortly, with the BD55 to replace it as the sole model on offer? Maybe that was the reason we never got the BD55 locally?
  15. On the subject of the Oppo 983, do you know if it's still possible to purchase these? Thanks