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  1. Yes I know exactly what you mean.I've been looking for close to 2 years and there was only one opportunity and I missed out on it. A friend and work colleague was looking for a Cinema 11a and found one together with a 7.250 selling in the 2nd hand section of Len Wallis and only $5.5k for both units! Unfortunately it was sold as soon as it appeared on the Len Wallis website. Bummer... Haven't seen a local one for sale since. As far as a 7.250 from the USA, you would need to modify it for 240V. I assume it would be the same transformer as a 110V unit but just a different tap for 240V, but I don't really know and would be defeating the purpose using a 110V / 240V step-down tranny. No one should be using 110V / 240V step down trannies for hifi use. You are correct in that even for $6k, by the time you add shipping, GST, etc, it will owe you way more than $7k. By then you might as well save up a bit more for a new one through David at Wavetrain. Very nice guy & very knowledgeable. I acquired my Cinema 12 through him. There was a immediate improvement in sound when swapping out my old Arcam AV9 with the Cinema 12. It very much suits my ProAcs. I understand that Cary Audio's tube gear is known to partner well with the ProAcs and apparently Cary try to keep the same sonic signature throughout which is why I went with the Cinema 12. I am very happy with it.
  2. Looking for a Cary Audio 7.250 Power Amplifier. I was running a Cary Cinema 12 with my old Arcam P7 from my previous setup for a couple of years now, but the P7 has just packed it in, so I'm looking to get the matching Cary Audio 7.250 to replace it. Would love to buy it new but my partner is expecting, so I can't afford it at the moment. (Note: Not interested in 110V unit) I'm located in Ramsgate Beach, Sydney. cheers.
  3. Marantz Ud9004 Lemon

    Imo there is absolutely no doubt that you are entitled to get your money back. You paid for a product and it is not fit for purpose. The fact that it is a $10000 RRP unit and can't do the basic function of a unit likely costing as little as 2% of its retail price is absolutely unbelievable. Lodge a complaint to the Dept of Fair Trading. They would love to hear from you. You can do it on-line. http://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/About_us...ecomplaintclick
  4. The rubbish doesn't stop. Read my post again...I'll repeat it here... "Whether an air-con or a dishwasher is considered a luxury item depends on the owner, the appliance age, what it costs, and suitability in the new premises." For me personally, I don't want to fork out another $2k for the same dishwasher, as compared to something old that is worth close to nothing, and maybe I want to renovate the kitchen of my new home and buy a new and/or better unit. Disagree. I believe it would be looked at very differently because the air-con hole is letting in the cold, wind, rain or even snow, while the other AV hole affects the internal wall only. The only technical thing about it is they are both holes, but the impact to the persons living inside is very different.
  5. That is the biggest load of horseshit on DTVforum I've come across. Is there a prize for dumbest post of the year? For a start...what are you going to do about the big gaping hole in the wall that's left behind, letting all the wind, rain or even snow into the lounge room?!?!?!?! Ohh... "his one is better than yours." Grow up. Did you get bashed a lot at school? ...which is pretty much what you are doing. You really have no idea do you? Isn't it amazing you had this epiphany after you signed. Bottom line... you're just trying to scam someone else's TV. ROFL!!!...as you have done in this instance as a buyer I suppose... ROFL!!! graham johnson was 100% spot-on in his assessment of you.
  6. ROFL...You can't be serious? I'd be saying to you... "you've got yourself a tv wall bracket for nothing. It's not my fault your tv is too big. Go buy yourself a smaller tv to suit." What makes it even funnier is you expect the vendor to label the cabling for you as well! To attempt to imply that the TV placed on a wall-mount is as much a fixture as a split system air-con is frankly, utter rubbish. In most cases a TV is simply lifted off its wall mount and taken away, so like a picture frame, the TV itself is not a fixture. You're forgetting that only the head of the Air-Con sits on a wall mount bracket. What about the rest of it, i.e. compressor etc on the other side of the wall outside? Also Air-conditioners are likely much more challenging and costly to remove and re-install (i.e. degas maybe?, re-gas etc). Furthermore removing the hoses will leave a huge gaping hole in the wall to the outside world which would have to be fixed. With the low price of most split air-cons these days, it will likely cost as much to uninstall and re-install than just simply buying and installing a new one at your new address. Whether an air-con or a dishwasher is considered a luxury item depends on the owner, the appliance age, what it costs, and suitability in the new premises. My dishwasher is a relatively new stainless steel double-drawer Fisher and Paykel costing nearly $2k, so I would take it with me. If it was a cheap ageing Westinghouse, I would leave it behind.
  7. I agree 100%. If the purchaser manages to "win" the argument and keep the TV, do you really think it will still work when the the new owner moves in.
  8. I hazard a guess the TV wall bracket is a fixture as it is fixed to the wall, so unless specified otherwise that would stay I think. ....but the TV? ...seriously champ, you're kidding. The TV is not fixed, the bracket is. Commonsense tells you that AV cables particularly speaker cables are likely fixed in some way i.e. adhesive cable holders, ties, etc. Even if the speaker cables are loosely routed through cavities, do you really think that anyone in general would take these with them these since they are usually cut to length to suit the installation? The exception of course being exotic cable like expensive Van Del Hul, Chord etc which surely you would specify in the contract terms. I can understand completely the very negative reaction by others to your original post. If I were the vendor I would be insulted if the interested buyer tried to pull a stunt like the one you're suggesting, and I would immediately instruct my Real Estate Agent in no uncertain terms to go tell the interested buyer to "go **** himself". If already sold, I would simply take my TV and tell the buyer, "good luck if you want to do something about it". ...that is unless of course the purchaser is paying way over what my property is worth, and in that instance, I would offer my wife ahead of the TV.
  9. I noticed that Unstoppable (Blu-ray+DVD Copy+Digital Copy) was only just released in Oz on 9th of June, and EzyDVD are selling it for $39.97. I purchased it with free shipping from Amazon UK for only 14.11gbp on the 27th April and it was ex-stock! I received it weeks ago! Is this usually the case? I mean, are BD discs released way earlier overseas than Oz? If that's the case, you would have to be nuts to buy locally. You pay 100's of % more for the privilege of waiting months longer for the title! Surely the local on-line retailers are on borrowed time.
  10. Great news and you gotta love those prices. Picked up The Godfather Coppola Restoration (Blu-Ray) box set included in one order a couple of weeks back, reduced to less than 15gbp and with the the super saver free delivery. A very popular local on-line seller are currently selling it for almost $150! No longer will I fund the waterfront properties and Bentleys owned by such business owners.
  11. I remember reading on Audiogon, I think an ARC dealer stating that even the VTM200 was better sounding than the original reference amps, while the current Ref110 and Ref210 are significantly better again and in every way sounded better than the early reference amps. The opinion of the ARC dealer was that the early reference amps sounded grainy and compressed by comparison. Of high praise was the relatively bargain buy VS115 integrated which apparently sounds very much like the the current reference series. It seems there are better and more practical alternatives from ARC than their old reference amps, so I guess it can be understood why maybe the Ref600 hasn't been picked up.
  12. I remember seeing these advertised maybe a year ago by the same dealer for about $15k, before they were dropped to $10k, but there still doesn't appear to be any takers even at that price. These units have also spent long stints on ebay and Audiogon. It does seem like a bargain though, new tubes etc, so I really can't understand why they haven't sold. I can only guess it's because they are the very first Reference 600's (i.e. very old, reliability issues maybe?), and I have read that the later reference series (mkII, mkIII, 110, 210 & 610T), are as expected, sonically superior. Though not as powerful, the current Reference 210's can be had for around the same price on the 2nd hand market from Audiogon or ebay (US).
  13. Oppo Bdp 95 Discussion Thread

    ...you forgot to include this one... "...if your other components have medium levels of distortion, it would be best to have the source with as low distortion as possible, so that it does not push the total amount of system distortion into a range that is really noticeable."
  14. Oppo Bdp 95 Discussion Thread

    Wow. I see what you mean! They're certainly very defensive as you have experienced. When one early adopter comes out and remembers $10k transports not sounding as good, and another found that an older CD was "unlistenable" on the "Oppo" and therefore was "too good", or analytical and thin is a "good thing". Well, that'll do me. I'm taking the fanboy reviews over there with a grain of salt. Hopefully there will be some published positive expert reviews on the 95 before the expected upcoming Group Buy.