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  1. Must say the quality has dropped dramatically this season.
  2. I don't get it as i am on lite, but the 3d on channel 9 looks very good on the daily highlights show.Chalk and cheese in picture quality compared to Gem.
  3. I have nothing. I am on foxtel lite, but i did get the extra channels when the commonwealth games were on.
  4. Sorry mate but Foxtel only started in 1995, 17 years ago,not 18 as you quote. Mr Pedantic.
  5. This has nothing to do with FIFA, this tourney is a UEFA run tourney. The Holland v Denmark match currently has two commentators. Setanta only have the Australian rights. Please do better on your research next time !
  6. Actually it's proper football, unlike you global game of no rules, that the world cares not one jot about ! So jog on boy !
  7. It is actually called Australian Rules !
  8. Thankfully about 6 months later Foxtel fixed the LNB and i got everything apart from tvn, setanta and the FTA channels. I now have HD altho that quality is diminishing by the week.
  9. Yes, you will be on Foxtel lite as they call it. You will have to get your BC to agree to the backbone cabling to enable you to access the FTA channels. ( dead expensive tho )
  10. iirc, fox were offered this free of charge and declined it as it it took away from their coverage of the epl, especially on the weekend. Happy to be corrected tho.
  11. After the character assasination you gave him, the best you can come up with is "Relax brother " ? Perhaps an appology might be in order !
  12. And you seriously think that more people will watch nfl countdown, than the epl or even the a league ? Get a grip man ! Football ( not soccer ocker) is globally # 1 by a mile pal !
  13. Please tell me you are not on class a drugs ! PNG and Lebanon ffs ! And when was the last time you were in Brazil ?
  14. I would do all the backbone cabling on MDU'S free, they would make their money back no probs.