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  1. IMO cheap conversion boxes are asking for trouble... what is the distance from the source to the projector and how many walls etc? http://www.cablechick.com.au/cables/5ghz-wireless-hdmi-sender-receiver-with-ir-1080p-60hz-up-to-30m.html JSmith
  2. Mate the component connectors and cables are analogue... YCbCr is just basically a colour space for digital video (i.e. not film) capture... nothing to do with the way the signal is being transferred along a cable. JSmith
  3. Scott, please don't buy that useless cable... from the eBay page; "The cable doesn't own the chip to convert digital signals to analogue signals" So it is basically useless. You do need a proper converter to change a digital signal to analogue and both YCbCr and YPbPr are component analogue. Have you considered a wireless HDMI sender instead? JSmith
  4. http://www.smh.com.au/business/retail/gerry-harvey-says-amazon-expansion-will-be-slower-than-expected-20170602-gwj7dg.html Outspoken retail billionaire Gerry Harvey says the market has overestimated how quickly Amazon could get land in Australia, and start delivering quickly. JSmith
  5. Also known as torch mode... JSmith
  6. 25i? Maybe you mean 25p/50i? Whatever it is... this release has been massacred, badly. Not dishy at all... JSmith
  7. I agree... unless your HT room is completely air tight, air will still get in and everyone will be fine, especially as he says when the door is opened on occasion. JSmith
  8. Well if one lives in Lebanon... it's a no go. http://www.skynews.com.au/culture/showbiz/movies/2017/06/01/wonder-woman-film-banned-in-lebanon.html Wonder Woman film banned in Lebanon Lebanon has banned the public screening of the US superhero film Wonder Woman because of its lead Israeli actress, Gal Gadot. That aside, I'm looking forward to seeing this too. JSmith
  9. Not good news for FTA TV. JSmith
  10. Good idea, people I know have done the same recently. Two cancelled all together and one was offered such a discount they decided to keep the service for the time being. Many people are starting to realise they don't use the service as much anymore and value wise there are now better options. JSmith
  11. Me too, but I've not ordered the 4K copy yet... but I probably will eventually. Certain titles I suppose warrant the ol' double dip, but I do try and avoid it if possible. JSmith
  12. Hey Foxy, spot on $500, new, seller seems to have good feedback; http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Samsung-Series-5-UA40J5100AW-40-1080p-Full-HD-LED-LCD-Television-/152580454398 JSmith
  13. Wow... bleak future for 10 it seems. JSmith
  14. A bright showroom is no place to properly evaluate a TV... the store often choose settings on each TV to make one look better than the other depending on stock, margins etc. I'm not saying your observations were correct or not, just that an instore comparison can be troublesome, simply misleading and often useless. If you're looking for great picture quality you may need to go up in price and model series in any brand. JSmith