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  1. Sorry Alan. I knew I shouldn't have engaged in a discussion with some one that so obviously needs help and loved to troll. I do work in the industry. I do know what I am talking about. I strongly doubt that Prime have been experimenting. I do know how signals are distributed. I have no confidence in your calibrated eye or knowledge of these things. No more posting from me. Hopefully the few who continue to read threads in this forum in which Alan post have got the message by now that his posts are very unreliable. Bye Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks Alan. I don't need reminding. I suspect you, as usual, have no idea what you are talking about. I strongly doubt that Prime would experiment with any market, particularly an important one like Canberra, with swapping a program between SD and HD. As you would know, the Prime 60s are often just PID redirects rather than seperate transport streams and to get the bit rare they would probably need to swap 7mate to SD. The reason I asked about the translator was that not all are fed off air and you could have been watching one that was link fed and possibly capable of having different content to the parent for a short period of time. I suspect if and when Prime swap HD content it will be very obvious rather than your perception that the content was HD - or did the received you were watching clearly indicate that the content was HD - that is with the on screen display or system info? Ps - I'm not sure how rescanning would change the program I'm watching on LCN 60 from SD to HD? If they were transmitting HD and I was able to decode it then surely I would be watching HD? And of course I did rescan to see if it made a difference. Did you try and contact Prime while you were here to see what they said? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. So Alan, do you still believe Prime is transmitting HD on 60? Unless this happened today 7mate is Prime's HD channel in Canberra and all other LCNs are SD. Can you tell us what translator you happened to be watching? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Not sure what you are seeing Alan but I'm in Canberra and from what I can see prime's 7mate is still HD and 6, 60, etc are still SD. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hi Nik, You could also look at the ACMA advice at and maybe contact them for suggestions? I doubt they'd let you break up the content the way you've suggested above and would expect you to remultiplex the VAST services into five transmissions, one for each network. Some installers who do council retransmissions are and Depending on where you are there might be more local installers who could do the job.
  6. Really! Talk about ego - I'd be staggered if the SBS decision had anything to do with any convincing arguments from you Alan!
  7. Hobart Vhf Ch5

    I think it's testing what the coverage of the SBS service is likely to be when it restacks from channel 9A (205.5 MHz) to channel 6 (177.5 MHz) on 30 October.
  8. Passive Tv Repeater

    Alan's back and so are his misinformed, incorrect posts stated with absolute belief in his infallibility! On the two points from Alan's post that I've listed above: far more likely is that the previous ACMA data was imprecise (with a large difference between "licensed" and "actual" ERP) and is now accurate and there has been no reduction in NBN ERP.VAST does not require antenna installer measurements or testing - Aurora access did but the rules for VAST access have never required installer measurements. The onus has changed and ALL viewers have default access to VAST unless, effectively, the broadcasters can demonstrate to the ACMA that the terrestrial coverage is more than adequate (unfortunately the broadcasters have been able to make the process rather painful by adding extra steps in areas where reception is "predicted" to be ok.)
  9. NFI - the auctioned spectrum is duplexed - the telcos got both the upper and lower halves of the duplex - not much use otherwise! There's a diagram at which hopefully makes this clear.
  10. Nz Analogue Switch Off

    Because if you understood how the switchover was occurring you would realise that the analog licences had been removed from the ACMA data when the switchover occurred. Melbourne, Sydney, Northern NSW and RCEA analogs will be removed when the switchover occurs in the next few weeks. Northern NSW is strange because that licence area overlaps with both the Brisbane and Sydney licence areas and the Northern NSW switchover is formally aligned with the Sydney licence area. A digital only local market area (DOLMA) determination was made by the minister to allow all areas of the Northern NSW licence area other than the overlaps to switchover early. Until the formal licence area switchover the analog licences still have some legal status even though the service has closed. BTW the ACMA provides the digitalready data from the same source that's used for the stations books but with some manipulation to reflect on-air rather than licensed status. Call the ACMA engineers and they'd be able to explain it to you!
  11. Nz Analogue Switch Off

    Hi Ron. Mt Garnet was an early switchover with the analog closing when the digital commenced. It must have slipped through the digital ready notices for some reason. The "DOLMA" instrument is at
  12. Nz Analogue Switch Off

    No - the ACMA data doesn't show those services are on-air! The spreadsheets report issued licences - not on-air status. Those licences are still valid even though the services have closed. The formal end of simulcast date for Northern NSW is the same as Sydney because of the central coast overlap.
  13. Nz Analogue Switch Off

    Umm - Bit hard for Australia to have adopted MPEG-4 AVC given it wasn't standardised until quite a few years after digital TV started in Australia!
  14. Alan's guessing and as usual gets it wrong. Ask your industry contacts in net 7 the real reason rather than guess!
  15. Poor Abctv Reception

    Hi Dono Looks like you'll need a new antenna as ALL the Mt Cenn Cruaich (Central Western Slopes) services will move to VHF when the restack in Nov 2014. Try your address in the MySwitch website ( and see what advice they provide on expected coverage and restack dates.