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  1. Hi guys, im looking at upgrading from my NAD M25 to either an Anthem P5 or possibly a McIntosh 5 or 7 channel amp (see MC8207, MC207 or MC205). If anyone is sitting on one of these babies and has the itch to upgrade or downgrade, now is the time. Feel free to hit me up by PM if you want to discuss $ in private.
  2. Dali On Walls - Damage

    Gaffer tape is a winner for this. Put it over the dome, gently get it to adhere and leave it sit there to bond for a little while. When it dries, peel it off with a soft pulling motion and you may find it's good again.
  3. For what you're looking at, the Harmony Ultimate might be a better fit? The ability to run an iPhone / Android phone to control everything, and you can also run your xbmc app too.
  4. I back up CCS and his perspective on ARC. It's truly revelatory and highly customisable. Night and day is the difference it will make to your system.
  5. Power Amps And Speakers

    Your issue is more likely relegated to the relative differences in the dynamic range of each of the source signals. Depending on the source signal, the audio encoding being used and how this was mastered / set at the time of broadcast, you will have widely different sounding volumes for different source types. This has nothing to do with your amplifier.
  6. Anthem Mrx 310/510/710

    I had a Marantz AV7005 and have previously run Onkyo's with Audyssey and had never been impressed with the results with my speakers. Since picking up a D2v and running ARC, the results have been astounding. The sub response is incredible, not overwhelming but goes so low (and tightly). My mains now sound like they did in the shop (incredible). I think starting with ARC will make it hard to get a better response from an Audyssey based AVR.
  7. Yep, by design They are all inside the wall cavity beejay76. It was a **** fight running TOSLINK, HDMI, Cat6, antenna and power through that wall cavity. They all come out in the bottom of the wall there and are fed into the back of the cabinet. Next time I'd run them all with plaster off but here's hoping there won't be a next time
  8. A decent external sound card will make a marked difference in quality. For a cheap option, check out some of the M-Audio products or if you're after a multichannel card take a look at something from Motu or Presonus. I have a home studio running a Motu Ultralite and a Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2 mixer and despite having a very solid HT setup, the sound I get in my studio rig with some Barefoot MicroMain speakers is truly stunning, putting my HT setup to shame in 2 channel playback.
  9. haha. it's actually pretty bang on (maybe 5 mm out). The turntable on the top throws your eyes out. Total cost was about $4k with a 3 week turnaround from design handover to delivery. It's made of Victorian Ash and no, I'm not putting another rug in that room in front of it. Buying the rug that's already in there under the coffee table between my couches was an ordeal in it's own right.
  10. Anthem Mrx 310/510/710

    Agreed. They are temperamental bastards but when they are tuned and behaving themselves, you will struggle to find a better sounding setup than something tuned using ARC.
  11. He does such lovely joinery. All perfectly finished and dovetailed etc. So happy I bit the bullet with him. Everything looks like it will last forever, not like anything you will find in a department store or bulk furniture place.
  12. After moving into my new house, I bit the bullet and got something made (finally) to suit my needs for an entertainment cabinet. One of my wife's mate's friends is a cabinet maker and makes wonderful furniture. I engaged him to take this on and was impressed with the results and the turn around (<4 weeks). I was after something sleek that can work with a large centre channel (Paradigm Signature C5), while having enough storage to be very versatile regardless of what I choose to put into my setup in the future. The top of the unit comes off to fit the centre channel and is incredibly chunky. He made this to spec for me, and I think you'd agree it's pretty special in the room. To give you an idea of dimensions, the TV is a 60" panel. Now I can't wait to recalibrate the room in my new house, just need to find the time
  13. Power supply might be cactus. You could get it repaired, but I'd wonder whether the cost (probably a few hundred $) would be worth it. Lots of options in that price range, however if you could spend $999, I think this would smoke most anything in that price bracket:
  14. If you're after a good, fairly inexpensive bi-wire / bi-amp cable, check out the Krix Quadflex You can buy it direct from them over the phone for about $10/m.