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  1. Philips Hue

    ah ok, so you're not using the downlight variant? The standard bulbs certainly produce better light. Just won't suit a home theatre room where most people use downlights in the ceiling.
  2. Hi Guys, Just picked up a Logitech Harmony Elite which has the ability to control smart lights from the remote, so I want to add some wifi downlights to my home theatre build. Philips do a GU10 model downlight globe which would work, but they're only 300 lumens. Just wondering if anyone here has used these in their theatre? The low light output worries me and they're quite expensive so I don't want to be wasting my money. One way around this I suppose is to use more lights. I am putting some large framed movie prints on the back wall behind my seating, and just below the prints will be a floating shelf that will hold some movie collectibles. The plan was a row of 4 lights above this to light up the back wall area, and a row of 4 towards the front (don't need 4 at the front, but I just want to add 4 for aesthetics to match the rear). The room is 3.9 x 3.9. Do you think this would work fine? or overkill? If anyone has any other suggestions I'd like to hear it.
  3. Thanks mate, ended up picking one up and it connects to my full TV no problems. 4K discs play fine, just downscaled. As UHD discs are region free all over the world, I'm just going to play 4K movies from the US (had asked the question originally as I was intending on purchasing some 4K movies from the US and wanted to play the blu-ray discs until I got my projector, as I wasn't aware 4K discs would work on my TV).
  4. picked one up from JB for 478 - 125 in gift cards. Happy with that!
  5. Region free UHD players?

    I'm kind of in the same boat as you mate. Won't have a 4K display for a few more months but wanted a player now to play some imported blu rays, but I'm just going to stick to playing UHD discs that I'm planning to import as they are region free and will output on a 1080p TV.
  6. Thanks mate, just wanted to confirm that it will actually display on a 1080p TV but a quick google search told me yes lol. Cheers.
  7. Odd question, but can I hook this up to a standard 1080p tv? Just asking as I have an epson tw9300 on lay-by while my house is being built which I'll eventually use with a 4k player, but considering getting this one now so I can region mod it to play some US blu rays until I'm ready to hook it up to the epson. Don't wanna bother though if I can't use it.
  8. floating entertainment unit

    Thanks mate, sounds like I should be ok then. Cheers!
  9. floating entertainment unit

    I thought that would do it, was just worried with the unit extending out of the wall by around 45-50cm or so, whether the weight of a receiver + other bits would be an issue without some sort of support from underneath.
  10. floating entertainment unit

    Thanks for the responses guys. What's the best way to secure to the wall? I know it'll need to be screwed into the internal studs, just not sure the best way to go about it.
  11. floating entertainment unit

    Nah, just have it mounted on the wall, but not actually in the wall. I had thought about this, but won't really suit the look I'm going for in the house, which is a fairly industrial/contemporary look, so I basically wanted the unit to be some kind of rustic wood finish with solid doors. Was thinking though, perhaps adding a slot on the top for ventilation might work.
  12. Hi All, Not so much home theatre related, but I want to build a flush-mounted floating entertainment unit on the wall in my living room. This is not my dedicated home theatre setup, so will be setup with aesthetics in mind. In terms of equipment, the cabinet just needs to house an el cheapo receiver that will drive my current speakers (Paradigm satellites) as well as a Blu-ray player and maybe a game console. The rest of it will just be generic storage. My only issue is, I want to have the unit flush against the wall and solid doors on the front, so that nothing is visible. How do I go about adding ventilation with this type of setup? Or will I have to have the front exposed? Only other solution I can think of is to ditch the receiver/speakers and run a soundbar, with the player on top of the unit, but given the price of decent soundbars and the fact that the area is an open plan, I'd be better off just getting a cheap second hand receiver and run my existing 5.1 setup.
  13. I thought about it, but was worried they might look ugly.
  14. Just wanted to resurrect this thread again. One thing I totally forgot about in my efforts to isolate sound in the room is the lighting. I had planned to install a few downlights in this room. Short of building a bulkhead and installing the lights in that, are there any other ways to reduce sound leakage through the lights? Would a cover like this work: https://efficiencymatrix.store/products/loft-mitt-cover I'm wondering what others do in regards to lights, or am I overthinking it?
  15. Just a thought, but would the evaporative cooling vent work well for this? i.e. not actually turning on the evap system, but simply leaving the vent open to allow fresh air into the room, and use the split system for actual cooling. Yeah I think it'll be fine.