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  1. Beyonwiz T3? Anybody

    My T4 is now 9 months old. I record at least 2, usually more, shows per day and have occasionally recorded 5 shows at once. 2TB WD RED came installed (only ever about 30% used). Zero problems (fingers crossed). Amazes me how it networks (after a bit of a learning curve) with my NAS and other devices. Much more functional than my Topfield 7100 which died after 7 years. Same picture quality (as far as I can see) but way more functionality than the Panasonic Bluray/PVR (which is admittedly easier to use but does not have programmable remote buttons for time skips which I can't live without as I refuse to watch any ads).
  2. Strong 5405

    The 5405E does output sound via the digital optical output (to my amp) and the composite (to my vcr) at the same time (and in sync with each other as far as I can tell) PROVIDING the unit is set to output PCM (2.0). If you set it to AC3 (surround sound) the analog outputs do not send any signal.