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  1. Trying to PM you, but I am getting an "agent47 cannot receive messages" message.
  2. Thanks for posting. I am tempted to purchase with the 20% off sale, but with the US release sporting a 7:1 Master Audio on the BD, I wanted to be sure. Will hold off until there is confirmation. The US disc is a reasonable price ATM.
  3. Bump! Looking for $30. Pending Also, Aaron SUB120 in EC $90.
  4. Can anybody confirm the audio on the Aus release of Patriot's Day? Both the UHD and BD discs. Thanks in advance.
  5. Let's keep our fingers crossed
  6. My copy has just shipped from JB Hi Fi https://www.jbhifi.com.au/movies-tv-shows/movies-tv-shows-on-sale/australian-cinema/dish-the/326650/ Hoping for a great transfer and lossless audio
  7. I have 3 black, unlined, faux suede curtains for sale from our original HT room. They are home-made and in very good condition from a smoke free home. Just need a bit of a shake or vac. Not 100% block out, but damn close. Say 99%. Gathered top means that the width can easily be changed. As they are, the two larger ones together, cover a width of 3.7m and the fabric is gathered to a minimum of 1.5:1. The smaller curtain measures around 1.1m, but is also gathered to a minimum of 1.5:1. All 2.1m drop, hemmed with hooks on the header. Looking for $50. Great if you're wanting a temporary answer for light control. Pickup from Christmas Hills 3775.
  8. Which wall do you plan on for your screen? You could put a nice equipment nook in the top, left hand corner of the family room, which would make a nice alcove for a TV in the Family room. Then, your equipment would be directly accessible from the HTR.
  9. The UK 3D edition works out cheaper. Around $32 posted and has a nice slip cover. Pretty sure that the tech specs are the same. I wish I had ordered the Sanity digibook though, as it sounds like the 3D presentation isn't much chop anyway
  10. Aaron SUB 120. Produced early 2000's. 100W power, 2 x 213mm woofers, 20Hz - 150Hz, 18kgs, 595H x 285W x425D. Can be mounted horizontally. Reliable unit for smaller rooms. Excellent working condition $110. Pickup only from Christmas Hills, 3775.
  11. Thanks for the input and support here (:)) I was thinking of mounting the front heights vertically in line with the FL and FR as the entire space above them (up to 2.55m, is vacant behind the AT fabric screen surround. I ran cables during construction which are just sitting there waiting :). Rear heights may be another option down the track, but after this amp upgrade, the 4K issue will be the next to be addressed. Still so much to do in our lounge, but as time is a bit of a scarce resource ATM, I think that a relatively easy upgrade/improvement relating only to a purchase of an amp and not much "build time", would be a do-able, feel-good activity
  12. Thanks for the replies. Re the 6011. That sounds like a very comparable unit. Way less price too! It's great to hear that there is hope for the expanded audio experience, beyond grunt and the benefits of audyssey. Must also investigate the 6011. Am I correct in deducing that the Marantz has slightly less output/channel at 8 ohms than the 4300?
  13. Has anybody had experience with the Denon AVR-X4300H? I have been sitting on the fence for quite a while re upgrading my old reliable Sony STRDA2400ES. I don't want to go power amp, but the 4300 with 9 channels on board, has me interested as I could use the front height speakers. Ceiling speakers are not an option in our HT, as I value the star ceiling above the (possible) audio upgrade. If however, the front heights angled down could produce a "phantom" overhead channel and thus be able to enjoy the atmos audio, that would be a great additional benefit. Any comments or experience with this? Thanks in advance
  14. Glad that you are getting so much enjoyment. Fruits of your labour and thought.
  15. Agree. Amazon have really got their act together ATM. Tracking on almost all orders from both the US and UK, with very acceptable delivery times Just wish that the US $ was a bit better for us Aussies