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  1. The Freeview Android app now has Google Chromecast connectivity. It's handy for regional viewers who want to watch 7Flix without fiddling around with cables etc. All the channels appear to be SD only. Anyway, for many people who don't have a TV antenna but have good Internet, it's a good solution that's easy to use.
  2. I was somewhat disappointed to still see some recent movies broadcast as upscaled SD on SBS HD. I.e. Zero Dark Thirty on Friday night.
  3. Interesting story on the vulnerability of Smart TVs:
  4. Round One of the AFL season has come and gone, and still no HD of actual matches here in Country Vic on Prime7. We did have a teaser of HD on 7Mate with the pre-game show the other night. We are still treated with contempt.
  5. Well it's early March 2017 and still no sign of AFL in High Definition here in Regional Vic. Prime TV need to pull their finger out...
  6. Tennis on 7mate HD (regional Vic) looks great. Pity it's only for 1 hour a day...
  7. Only a few days from the Australian Open starting and still no Prime HD in Regional Vic. The only HD we may get of the tennis is on 7Mate between 6 - 7pm... You would hope they get their act together before the AFL season starts.
  8. Viewing from Geelong TV translator last night, ABC HD PQ of fireworks was excellent. Melbourne fireworks on 7HD looked absolutely terrible and third rate in comparison. Well done ABC.
  9. I'm tending to wonder if ABC HD is just a 576i SDI feed upscaled to 1080i Mpeg4.
  10. Yeah, it's not very High Definition. They've certainly gone for a low bit-rate profile and 'soft' look. Not a patch on WIN and Nine HD here in Central Vic. It is slightly sharper than the SD channels, but not by much.
  11. It'll probably all happen in the early hours of tomorrow morning. I recorded a bit of ABC24 HD for posterity this morning (bit-rate and quality was rather mediocre TBH). It'll be interesting to compare PQ tomorrow with ABC HD on 20.
  12. It launched overnight and I've had a quick look at it. Observations: - Some channels missing such as all Ten programs and some sporting events (i.e Cricket). - PQ is OK. Not HD with a data rate per channel of around 1.2 Mbit/s or less. - No Google Chromecast support. 9Now and iView do, so they'll remain on my phone.
  13. I had to laugh this morning. The 7Olympics app on my phone is now called 7Live and includes live streaming of 7Flix, even with the correct Regional Vic postcode we live in. Yes, they're bypassing 7Prime. Now where was that MHL cable to hook it up to the telly? Looks like I'll need to use the HDMI output from the laptop...
  14. Well it seems that 90% of the content in HD for regional viewers (7Mate only) is Basketball... And not when the Boomers are playing.
  15. The image quality of the Opening Ceremony on Prime7 (SD) was utterly abysmal. The fast moving and detailed scenes were far worse than VHS. It was THAT bad. The PQ of the 1980 Olympics from Moscow in PAL would've look better (and I do remember that - watched it on Grandparents 20 inch Thorn TV set.).... Anyway, there's no end of complaints from those who paid the $20 for the 7 Olympics app to get it in HD etc. The servers couldn't cope and instead spat out low quality PQ as well. They have improved it since Saturday apparently. As a positive - it looks quite good on 7Mate in Regional Vic (still MPEG2 HD). My main issue with PQ would be what appears to be some 60 - 50Hz frame interpolation blurring, and blown highlights (possibly an issue with 4K cameras having less dynamic range???).