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  1. Thanks Peter I'm going to buy the Topfield while it's on sale. John
  2. I am looking for a cheap standard definition PVR to buy for a relative who is deaf. Therefore the closed captions must work well during all functions of the PVR. I have heard that some PVRs have captioning problems including: - Displaying or receiving captions on some programs or channels - Displaying captions when using timeshift to watch a program while it is being recorded – ie captions and picture not in sync - Captions not being turned on all the time – ie captions not automatically on when changing channels or turning PVR on I have seen the Topfield TF4410 PVRt advertised in Dick Smith for $267 which sounds pretty good. But are there better PVRs for around this price or cheaper that have the full functionality with captions? Does the Topfield 4410 have any problems with captioning? The PVR just needs to be a basic unit as my relative won't be using it for much more than watching free-to-air TV and recording some programs. But she cannot watch TV unless the captions work properly. Thanks John